Red Velvet’s Irene’s Controversy Amid BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Smoking Scandal

Recently, BLACKPINK’s Jennie faced backlash after a video of her vaping indoors and in front of staff members in a vlog went viral. As a result, her past controversy resurfaced and she was required to issue a public apology.

Despite the criticisms directed at Jennie, there was another female idol who unexpectedly gained attention for her response to smoking, receiving praise in the process.

red velvet
red velvet

On the evening of July 8, a post titled “Male employee caught smoking in front of Irene” was shared on the popular Korean forum Pann Nate, quickly gaining widespread attention with more than 130,000 views.

The topic discussed a past incident involving Red Velvet’s Irene, where she openly expressed her disapproval when a male staff member smoked in her presence. Netizens who came across the topic praised Irene for her strong reaction and sympathized with her regarding the staff’s insensitive behavior.

The following are comments from online users:

  • I don’t know other people, but it is refreshing to see Irene not holding back and openly showing her distaste towards people who don’t manage their behavior in a public space
  • Her expression is hilarious, but I understand her feelings… I hate it when people smoke in non-smoking areas
  • Guys like this bastard really need to get hit
  • Irene’s reaction is so funny. Seriously, it should be legal to beat up people that smoke in front of non-smokers

The source for this information is Krb, as reported on Pann Nate.

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