RIIZE’s Single ‘Impossible’ Takes Over iTunes Charts Worldwide

Their newest single “Impossible”has propelled RIIZE to the top of the charts.

RIIZE’s New Single ‘Impossible’ Dominates iTunes Charts Worldwide

On April 18, RIIZE officially released their pre-release single “Impossible,”which is also a part of their upcoming first mini album “RIIZING,”set to be released in June.

RIIZE's Single 'Impossible' Takes Over iTunes Charts Worldwide — And BRIIZEs Couldn't Be Prouder
(Photo : Facebook: RIIZE)

As soon as it was unveiled, “Impossible”dominated the music charts in South Korea. Korean media reported that the song claimed the top spot on MelOn, where it also reached No. 1.

“In addition to VIBE, “Impossible”was featured on YouTube’s Trending Music and also ranked at No. 3 on the Hot 100 list for MelOn and Bugs. It also secured a spot at No. 26 on MelOn’s Top 100 chart.”

RIIZE's Single 'Impossible' Takes Over iTunes Charts Worldwide — And BRIIZEs Couldn't Be Prouder
(Photo : Facebook: RIIZE)

In addition, “Impossible”achieved the top spot on iTunes’ Top Songs charts in Thailand, Vietnam, and Mongolia. It also secured a place in the Top 10 in Japan, Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

After this, the song reached No. 2 on QQ Music’s Peak Trend chart in China, and also claimed the No. 3 spot on Line Music’s Top 100 Songs in Japan.

Additionally, followers used X (Twitter) as a platform to extend their congratulations to the group.

View the complete music video for “Impossible”here:


BRIIZEs were impressed by RIIZE’s comeback, as they commended the group’s musicality, choreography, vocals, and overall performance in the song.

  • “This is exactly what we expect from K-pop and the choreography is really ‘Impossible.”
  • “RIIZE’s versatility is amazing! Honestly, their songs are generally public-friendly.”
  • “Anything they release will be streamed at this point because every time this group releases new music it will always top Korean music chart platforms.”
  • “This is a perfect Coachella or party song! RIIZE is definitely a new favorite K-pop band for me.”
  • “This comeback be serving everything, visual, performance, choreography, vocal.”
  • “That footwork is crazy, Shotaro once again doing justice to the choreography.”
  • “They don’t seem like a rookie group. Indeed, RIIZE is just so unique from all the other groups.”
  • “I’m literally at a loss for words. The song and MV could not be more perfect and I’m so serious.”
  • “I have a powerful feeling that I’m witnessing K-pop history in the making firsthand. This is SHINee ‘view’ level iconic. Just watch.”
  • “I love this music so much. It has the Western vibe of 2000s music.”
  • “Now this is the ‘K-pop”we’re talking about. Overall, the visual, vocal, performance, the dance? RIIZE, what can’t you do?”

Kudos to RIIZE for their remarkable achievement!

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