Rio Ferdinand & Roy Keane agree Marcus Rashford has “big decision” to make to save career

As Marcus Rashford’s career reaches a crucial point, he must make a significant decision in order to reach his full potential at Manchester United.

United legend Rio Ferdinand firmly believes that the English forward must carefully assess the company he keeps or contemplate a departure from the club. This is his straightforward assessment.

Despite his outstanding performance last season where he scored a total of 30 goals in all competitions, Rashford has faced difficulties in this current campaign and has only managed to score eight times.

The 26-year-old found himself in trouble in January after going on an unauthorized night out in Belfast and subsequently missing training due to “illness”.

Despite handling the situation internally, Manchester United made sure to hold Rashford accountable for his actions. As a result, Ferdinand has urged him to carefully consider his choices in the crucial years of his career.

Ferdinand emphasized that this is a crucial time in his career, stating to the Overlap, “He’s no longer a young player. Many focus on his potential and talent, but he’s now 26 years old – what were you [the panel] doing at that age?”

The topic will begin at 15:50.

“We were still making mistakes, let’s not deny it, but on the football field, you had it under control. You were confident in your actions and knew exactly who you were and what you were capable of.”

A significant decision lies ahead for him. He must consider the individuals who surround him. I am aware that his family plays a crucial role in his life, which is wonderful, but it is also important to assess the external individuals in his circle.

Are these individuals truly aiding him in making excuses for his actions in private, or are they challenging him to take responsibility for his behavior? It is crucial for him to reflect on his actions and take full accountability before making important decisions.

Despite having the option to join Chelsea, which was my preferred club at the time, I chose to join Leeds United. I made this decision because it was located outside of London, and I felt the need to distance myself from certain external influences at West Ham.

“He must make a choice between staying in Manchester and getting rid of those individuals or leaving Manchester and cutting ties with them. While there may be other factors at play, the influence of those around you, particularly in terms of accountability, can have a significant impact on one’s behavior.”

Roy Keane, Ferdinand’s former team-mate from Manchester United, concurred and suggested that he requires a “traditional kick up the backside”in order to revive his performance from the previous season.

Keane added that Marcus Rashford’s ability is unquestionable and outstanding, but there seems to be something off about him.

“Our discussions have been recurring every few months – it’s possible for a player to experience a rough patch or a decline, but it’s clear that he is not finding joy in playing.”

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that I’m concerned about him, but there does seem to be something off when you look at him. The people in his life, whether it be family or his manager, are constantly monitoring him.”

Who is giving him the necessary push and reminding him to step up his game? If you aspire to be a leader and are earning a big contract, it is your responsibility to deliver more.

“I don’t believe that is currently occurring, and it seems that there is no one holding him accountable. However, this does not mean that he is incapable of performing and increasing his running efforts. He has been a part of the club for a significant amount of time, since he was a young child.”

The Stick to Football podcast, brought to you by Sky Bet, featured Rio Ferdinand and Roy Keane as speakers.

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