Rising Actor Reveals His Motivation for Starting Acting: Meeting Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

In 2022, Kang Hoon made an appearance on the popular show “Radio Star”on MBC, where he revealed the motivation behind his debut. To everyone’s surprise, Kang Hoon shared, “I have always dreamt of meeting Girls’ Generation, and that’s what sparked my interest in acting. I realized that it could be my chance to become an actor.”

kang hoon

When questioned about his bias, Kang Hoon disclosed, “My bias is Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon. She is the one and only idol that I have ever been a fan of. Despite never meeting her, I possess numerous signed CDs and even her name tag. I hope to one day appear on Amazing Saturday and express to her how much she has inspired me to pursue acting.”

kang hoon-taeyeon

Kang Hoon went as far as sending a video message to his idol on the show, expressing his gratitude. He credited his success as an actor to the support he received from his idol during his formative years. He also revealed that he has a collection of his idol’s CDs at home and hopes to get them signed when they meet. Kang Hoon’s love for his idol was undeniable, but he decided to brush it off with a simple “nevermind”.

Theqoo, a popular online community in Korea, has been buzzing about a recent episode of “Radio Star”after a netizen shared their thoughts about it. Within a few hours, the post has already garnered around 50,000 views and the comment section is overflowing with Korean netizens expressing their admiration for Kang Hoon’s adorable appearance.

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