Rogue Company returned to take down Dr Disrespect

The internet is abuzz with the recent revelation that Dr Disrespect had been sending inappropriate messages to a minor in 2017. This has led to even Rogue Company, a game that has not been updated since October 2023, removing its sponsored content.

Despite Dr Disrespect’s significant impact on the gaming community, with millions of followers and successful collaborations with companies such as Turtle Beach and Midnight Society, all of these partnerships came to an end after information about him was made public.

After facing controversy, Turtle Beach made the decision to take down its Dr Disrespect-inspired headphones from its online store. As a result, Midnight Society, a game company co-founded by the Doc, also chose to terminate its collaboration with him.

During its initial release, Rogue Company, a multiplayer shooter developed by HiRez, quickly gained traction within the gaming community. As part of its early success, the developers collaborated with Dr Disrespect to create a unique skin and map in his honor.

Despite the game not having any activity for almost a year and no updates or new content from the developers, some players have recently realized that Dr Disrespect’s skin has been quietly taken out of the game.

It be pretty… Disrespectful… If there’s not a refund for the $40 skin though. byu/CptnAwesomeSaus inRogueCompany

A Redditor shared a video on the Rogue Company subreddit of themselves playing the game with the DrDisrespect skin. The video showed that although the skin appeared on the starting screen, it defaulted to a different character during gameplay and at the end of the game when the characters are displayed again.

As of now, it seems that Dr Disrespect’s map, ‘The Arena’, is still available in the game. However, since the developers have quietly removed his skin, it is uncertain how much longer it will be accessible.

A representative from Rogue Company has addressed the initial video, providing clarification on the situation and confirming that players are entitled to refunds for the skin.

The details were not specified, but they did verify that all other aspects associated with DrDisrespect are either “gone or going away.”

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