Ryan Jhun’s Collaboration with IU and NCT: Royalties Equivalent to the Value of a Building

On the 8th of July, Ryan Jhun made an appearance as a guest on KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show”.

Upon asking about his royalty earnings, Park Myung-soo inquired, “With your numerous hit songs and worldwide recognition, are you making a substantial amount of money?”To this, Ryan Jhun answered, “There seems to be a lot of curiosity surrounding royalties. In the past, it was sufficient to purchase a house, but now it seems like I could even afford to buy an entire building.”His response caught Park Myung-soo off guard.

ryan jhun-park myung soo

When asked by Park Myung-soo about his success in global royalty collections, Ryan Jhun replied that things were going well and he was actively collecting royalties. Park Myung-soo congratulated him and encouraged him to continue his success, reminding him that these hits were his own creations.

In addition, Ryan Jhun expressed his plans to work with familiar names in the K-pop industry, including artists from renowned companies like SM, JYP, and Starship. He specifically mentioned exciting collaborations with the likes of IU, EXO, SHINee, IVE, NCT, NMIXX, and Oh My Girl.

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