Sakamoto Days: Release window and everything else we know

After spending months as one of the most-read manga currently running, Sakamoto Days is set to become an anime show. Here are all the release details that we currently know.

After its debut in November 2020, it was evident that Sakamoto Days had the potential to become a successful anime show. The combination of humor, excitement, and a slight edginess in its concept, paired with the overwhelming popularity of Yuto Suzuki’s manga, clearly indicated that there was a significant audience for this type of storytelling.

To everyone’s surprise, Sakamoto Days will soon be receiving an animated adaptation, courtesy of a highly reputable production company. Its potential to become one of the top anime series is immense, with the collaboration of the perfect companies to bring it to life.

Despite the amount of time that has passed, when will you be able to watch Sakamoto Days? Are there any other specifics to be aware of? With our expertise in uncovering valuable information, we have compiled it all for your convenience.

Sakamoto Days release window

The anime adaptation of Sakamoto Days is set to be released in January 2025, as announced in the official trailer.


Sakamoto Days is expected to join the lineup for the upcoming winter anime season and has the potential to achieve similar success as Solo Leveling, which debuted in January 2024. The release date for Solo Leveling’s first episode was not confirmed until December 2023, as the production had encountered some delays.

Regardless, we anticipate not receiving any more updates until late 2024. However, if we do, you will be the first to be informed.

Sakamoto Days Trailer

The initial trailer for Sakamoto Days was released on May 27, 2024, providing a perfect introduction to the show. It showcased Taro Sakamoto, a former hitman who is now striving to lead a mundane existence.

A brief montage shows his transformation from a successful mercenary to a devoted family man. However, his previous life resurfaces and he is forced to return to the dangerous world of organized crime. Despite the challenges, he displays his expert skills and navigates through various difficult situations.

Production Behind Sakamoto Days

The renowned studio TMS Entertainment, which has been around since the 1960s, is behind the production of Sakamoto Days. Some of the well-known series that have originated from this studio are Dr Stone, Bakugan, D.Gray-Man, and Sonic X.

Masaki Watanabe is at the helm as director, while Taku Kishimoto takes on the role of scriptwriter. Kishimoto is currently one of the most highly-regarded writers in the anime industry, known for his work on popular titles such as The Deer King, Erased, and Ranking of Kings. Fans can also anticipate his upcoming project, Blue Lock: Episode Nagi, set to release this summer. With such experienced and talented individuals leading the way, Sakamoto Days is sure to be a success.

What is Sakamoto Days about?

Sakamoto Days tells the story of Taro Sakamoto, a renowned retired assassin who was known as the top player in his field. After leaving his past behind, he now runs a convenience store and lives a peaceful life with his wife and children.

Sakamoto Days

Despite its challenges, leaving organized crime is not a straightforward process. When certain elements of his past begin to jeopardize his identity, Sakamoto is swift to protect himself and his loved ones. He is aided by Shin, a telepath who works as his assistant at the shop, adding a touch of the supernatural to the narrative.

Yuto Suzuki’s manga, which began in November 2020, currently consists of 168 chapters. The story follows Sakamoto and Shin as they embark on various escapades, such as infiltrating Japan’s biggest assassination academy, journeying to Bangkok, and attempting to thwart the dangerous mercenary known as Slur.

Sakamoto Days Streaming Options

The broadcasting platform for Sakamoto Days has not been officially announced, but it is highly probable that it will be accessible on Netflix worldwide.

The program was initially seen in a Netflix catalog featured in License Global magazine, but was subsequently taken down after its release.

Despite the lack of an official announcement, it is likely that promotion for the deal with Netflix is being reserved for closer to the release window. This could potentially take the form of a showcase hosted by the platform. Keep an eye out for updates.

This is all the information we have regarding the Sakamoto Days anime.

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