Sakura’s absence in Boruto could be setting up her final appearance ever

Ever since the start of the Boruto: Two Blue Vortex time skip, fans have been curious about Sakura’s whereabouts. Her husband Sasuke has been missing for three years and is considered a rogue by Konoha. Now, her daughter Sarada is battling a Shinju clone fueled by Sasuke’s chakra. This has left many questioning why Sakura is not present. However, the latest chapter may suggest her eventual return.

In Boruto Two Blue Vortex chapter 10, Sarada Uchiha arrived at the location in Konoha where Hidari was. The two engaged in a fierce battle, during which Sarada discovered that Hidari was familiar with her father’s Chidori technique. Given Sarada’s previous suspicion that Hidari’s chakra signature resembled Sasuke’s, it would be logical for Sakura, a highly skilled shinobi, to also recognize this and assist her daughter.

Please be advised that this article contains spoilers for the series.

Explaining how Sakura could return to help Sarada in the coming Boruto chapters

It has been observed by numerous readers that author Masashi Kishimoto has been phasing out the older characters in his franchise, such as Sasuke and Naruto. However, the noticeable absence of Sakura in the story is particularly striking, as she does not appear in a single panel of Two Blue Vortex and there is no explanation of her whereabouts.

As a result, there is a belief that Sakura will come to her daughter Sarada’s aid in her fight against Hidari, who possesses some of Sasuke’s chakra. Since Sarada has the ability to sense Hidari’s chakra signature, it would be reasonable for Sakura to sense it as well. It would be expected for someone with Sakura’s level of expertise to have a similar perception.

According to this theory, Kishimoto’s efforts to downplay the roles of the older characters could lead to Sakura’s potential death in the upcoming battle, allowing Sarada to emerge victorious and aiding in her personal growth. While some may find this decision controversial, as Sakura would essentially be brought back into the story only to die, it remains a possibility in the story’s narrative.

Concluding Remarks

Sakura in the Boruto anime (Image via Studio Pierrot).
Sakura in the Boruto anime (Image via Studio Pierrot).

It is expected that the upcoming chapters of Boruto will heavily feature Sarada’s confrontation with Hidari. While she has played a supporting role in Blue Vortex until now, she now has the opportunity to demonstrate her skills against an opponent who shares a unique bond with her through her father’s chakra.

As previously mentioned, it would be logical for Sakura to join the battle due to the circumstances and the context of the Boruto series. With enemies invading the Hidden Leaf Village, Hidari possessing a portion of Sasuke’s chakra, and her daughter fighting a Shinju clone, there is no reason for Sakura to stay out of the conflict.

The ongoing clash between Hidari and Sarada in the Boruto manga provides the ideal opportunity for Sakura to make her comeback. This would make for a natural and meaningful reunion between mother and daughter, as they team up to battle a creature with ties to Sasuke.

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