Science SARU set to adapt Beastars mangaka Paru Itagaki’s Sanda manga

On Wednesday, July 10, 2024, the anime adaptation of Paru Itagaki’s SANDA manga series was announced to be officially green-lit, with Science SARU confirmed as the animation studio. Although there is currently no further information regarding the adaptation, it is highly likely that it will cover the entire manga series as the original work came to a close recently.

Moreover, in addition to the announcement, a key visual was also unveiled showcasing the main character Sanda dressed in a striking resemblance to Santa Claus. This visual serves as confirmation of Science SARU’s involvement in the production, and also provides the official website URL and X handle (previously Twitter) for the anime project.

Paru Itagaki’s SANDA manga set to begin anime adaptation from Science Saru as Beastars adaptation ends

The SANDA manga, which concluded in the 32nd issue of Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shonen Champion magazine on Thursday, July 4, 2024, is set in a not-too-distant future where the birth rate is on the decline. The manga follows the lives of both adults and children in this future society. The protagonist, a regular boy named Sanda, discovers that his classmate Shiori Fuyumura harbors a desire to end his life due to a supposed “curse”that Sanda possesses, which is linked to Fuyumura’s missing friend.

Itagaki began releasing the manga in July 2021, and it has since been compiled into a total of 15 volumes. The final volume, the 15th, was released in Japan on Wednesday, August 7, 2024. As of the time of writing this article, none of the volumes have been officially translated into English, whether in a digital or print format.

Given that the manga has already come to an end, it is highly probable that the anime adaptation will cover the entire story. As a result, the translation and importation process for the manga volumes should commence if the anime gains enough popularity. However, this will depend on the reception of Science SARU’s adaptation.

Similarly, due to the buzz surrounding the studio’s previous hit Scott Pilgrim Takes Off and the excitement surrounding the upcoming Dandadan anime, the series is already in a favorable position. The show will most likely attract a significant viewership solely based on the reputation of Itagaki and Beastars.

Itagaki’s popular Beastars manga series was first published in Akita Shoten’s Weekly Shonen Champion magazine in September 2016 and concluded in October 2020. The manga’s 22nd and final volume was released in Japan in January 2021, with Viz Media publishing the English version of the 22nd volume in January 2023. In total, the manga spanned 196 chapters.

The debut of the Beastars anime’s first season took place in Japan on Netflix and broadcast television in October 2019. The show’s global premiere occurred in March 2020, also on Netflix. In January 2021, the second season was released in Japan on both Netflix and broadcast television, followed by a worldwide release in July 2021. The final season will be split into two parts and is scheduled to air later this year.

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