Secret Warzone buff turns worst weapon into broken one-shot Sniper

A previously overlooked MW2 weapon in Warzone received a hidden buff, causing it to now guarantee a one-shot kill regardless of where the enemy is hit. This unexpected change has made it one of the most effective and surprising weapons in the game’s meta.

In Warzone, players are constantly searching for weapons with a high TTK (time to kill) as it is considered the most effective. While there are a few guns that are capable of one-shot kills, they are typically the game’s most formidable Sniper Rifles.

Since its introduction in the Season 4 update, the Kar98k Marksman Rifle has become an iconic weapon with the ability to take down enemies in one shot. However, a surprise enhancement has also opened up the possibility for an unexpected weapon to join the elite club of one-shot killers. With the latest patch, the Crossbow has gained the ability to eliminate an opponent with just a single bolt.

Ever since its return to MW2, the Crossbow has been largely disregarded by the majority of players. Although it can be an enjoyable choice in multiplayer, its limited damage and slow rate of fire make it challenging to utilize in Battle Royale.

Despite this, during Season 4, players can be taken out with one shot as long as they are using the Blascap 20″Bolts, which detonate upon impact. It is a common strategy to use explosive ammunition to unlock a gun’s ability to one-shot, although many still typically require a shot to the upper body or head for a guaranteed kill.

The main distinction is that Crossbow has the capability of taking down an enemy with just one bolt, regardless of where it hits. This means that even though it can still only shoot once per second, every shot is a guaranteed takedown.

In his June 4 video, renowned Warzone player WhosImmortal pointed out a secret buff to the Crossbow that was not mentioned in the patch notes, deeming it “broken.”This was highlighted on the official Warzone website on June 4.

The YouTuber is anticipating a future update to include a nerf since the explosive bolts have been removed from Ranked Play.

According to him, there will probably be some sort of modification that will require players to aim for upper body shots or prevent the explosive ammo from instantly killing opponents. Currently, this Sniper is considered the most powerful one in the game, which is quite surprising.

It remains to be seen whether the developers will implement any changes in an upcoming patch, but one thing is certain – this hidden buff has caused a major shift in the meta that caught everyone off guard. If you’re in search of an alternative to the Kar98k or KATT-AMR, the Crossbow may be the perfect choice for you.

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