Severance Season 2: Secret Message Revealed After Months of Silence

“Attention everyone, there’s some exciting news on the horizon! It seems that Severance Season 2 may be in the works, as a cleverly hidden message has given fans a glimmer of hope.”

Ever since its release in 2022, Severance has consistently been listed as one of the most binge-worthy TV shows of the past few years. Despite Apple’s silence on the matter, fans can now rejoice as they have finally announced the highly anticipated Season 2 of Severance.

The streaming service’s recent content overview trailer has already provided us with brief glimpses of scenes, and Lumon Industries has now been brought back into focus.

In a 15-second clip, viewers catch glimpses of the show’s well-known hallways, with lights flickering. Although brief, there is a hidden message cleverly embedded in the Morse Code flickers – they spell out “tomorrow,”indicating that a complete Season 2 trailer will be released in just a few hours.

“A viewer expressed their excitement for the second season of Severance on X/Twitter, with another agreeing that this was the news announcement they were interested in.”

According to a third fan commented, this apparently translates to ‘tomorrow’ in Morse Code. They also mentioned throwing themselves a MDE all day.

One more supporter shared on Twitter, “Those fifteen seconds were the greatest of my entire life.”

Despite the excitement among most fans over the news of Severance Season 2, there are some who are not satisfied with the lack of information and are feeling a sense of disappointment akin to a Michael Scott-style meltdown.

“One fan expressed their displeasure with the long wait between seasons of Severance, stating on Twitter that it was “too long”( This sentiment was shared by another fan on Reddit (, who mentioned being willing to watch Season 2 but found the lack of updates and a three-year gap between seasons to be less enjoyable.”

Despite WGA strikes and rumored conflicts on set, it’s not unexpected that there hasn’t been much news on the release of Severance Season 2. However, a recent trailer hints that the highly anticipated series could potentially be out before the year’s end.

Up to this point, we have observed Mark (Adam Scott) as he returns to work with a collection of blue balloons featuring his own likeness. Milchick (Tramell Tillman) greets him with the words, “Welcome back. It’s been quite some time.”This suggests that Mark’s memory has been erased entirely since the Season 1 finale.

Upon our last encounter with him, he had come across a photograph that confirmed Ms. Casey’s identity as Gemma. Despite his efforts to inform Devon, all he managed to say was “She’s alive!”before Milchick intervened and subdued Dylan, halting the activation of the overtime contingency.

After their outie state was restored, the three individuals remained in that state, but is that still the case?

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