She’s Being Punished Despite Karina Looking Beautiful, aespa’s Supernova MV is Receiving Mixed Reactions

The highly anticipated double title track “Supernova”from aespa’s debut full-length album was released on May 13th at 6 PM. Since its release, “Supernova”has been receiving widespread attention and has climbed the Korean music charts, reaching the top spot on Bugs’ real-time chart and peaking at No.17 on Melon’s TOP100 chart.


The song has achieved international success by topping a variety of charts, such as QQ Music’s digital sales chart, overall music video chart, Tencent Music’s K-POP chart, Kugou Music’s digital album sales chart, and AWA’s real-time surge chart.

“The song “Supernova”is a remarkable dance track that utilizes a simplistic sound consisting of powerful kicks and bass, symbolizing the start of a monumental internal eruption through the use of supernova imagery.”


The music video utilizes modern technology, such as AI, to amplify aespa’s unique persona by showcasing conceptual and visually stunning elements.

The video cleverly incorporates comedic elements that complement the music’s concept.

Ningning of aespa also took to her Instagram story to post a scene from the music video of “Supernova”. She added the caption, “Didn’t I say it was funny?”


Towards the conclusion of the music video, a parody of the videos created by popular YouTuber demonflyingfox can be seen.

demonflyingfox has gained recognition for producing deepfake videos of popular franchises such as “The Lord of the Rings,””The Avengers,””Harry Potter,”and others, garnering significant attention.

Despite receiving mixed reactions from viewers, aespa effectively incorporated deepfake videos into their music video, adding a unique and humorous touch to the overall feel.


Fans of aespa expressed their contentment with remarks such as “I am completely satisfied,” “I never knew cyberpunk could be this amazing,” and “I enjoyed it because it was quite surprising.”

However, there were also fans who expressed their reservations, stating “It’s not really my thing, so it doesn’t quite hit the mark,””What exactly is the sentiment behind this?”and “I do appreciate the effort, however…”

A netizen caught the eye with a sarcastic remark directed at Karina, who had just ended her relationship with actor Lee Jae-wook after 5 weeks of publicly dating. The comment read, “Karina is certainly facing consequences.”

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