Shrek and Donkey’s Spin-Off Movie Sparks Debate Over Franchise’s Biggest Question

Recently revealed information about the upcoming Shrek spinoff film focusing on Donkey has revived the main question surrounding the franchise.

At the end of June, fans of the Shrek franchise received two exciting updates: the confirmation that Shrek 5 had begun voice recording and the announcement of a spinoff movie in the works.

This upcoming movie will center around Shrek’s devoted companion, Donkey (Eddie Murphy), as he embarks on a solo journey that will delve deeper into his character.

Murphy has provided Entertainment Tonight with further information about the upcoming storyline for Donkey, confirming that the movie will feature Donkey, his dragon wife, and their half-dragon donkey children.

As a result of Murphy’s quote, fans of the Shrek franchise were once again asking the biggest question: how did Donkey and Dragon reproduce to have children together?

“One fan on X questioned, “But how was Donkey able to have intercourse with the dragon?”Meanwhile, another fan commented, “This is still the most bizarre animal hybrid in movies.”

The first Shrek movie sparked curiosity about the relationship between the pair, as Donkey and Dragon first crossed paths while on a mission to save Princess Fiona.

While Shrek searched for Fiona, Donkey and Dragon were left alone and their connection grew into a strong bond that was ultimately shown to be more than just friendship by the end of the movie.

Donkey brings up Dragon’s moodiness in Shrek 2 and decides to accompany Shrek and Fiona on their journey to Far Far Away as a means of escaping his own relationship issues.

Nevertheless, Dragon reveals at the conclusion of the film that her moodiness was due to her pregnancy and proceeds to introduce Donkey to their brood of hybrid babies.

Donkey and Dragon with their babies in Shrek 2

Ever since, there has been speculation among fans about the unlikely pairing of a small donkey and a giant dragon and how they could possibly produce a child.

Despite numerous speculations from fans throughout the years, a Reddit post from August 2022 took on the challenge of explaining this perplexing question.

“One fan pointed out that the Happily Ever After Potion in the sequel, which Shrek and Donkey took to make their deepest desires come true, seemed to be the catalyst for the arrival of the children. This aligns with my own belief.”

As per another viewer’s theory, it is believed that “She laid the eggs, and he sat on them,”which does align with the common depiction of dragons as egg-laying creatures in mythical lore.

Another fan offered a compelling interpretation that aligns with the Shrek universe’s concept of magic: “Dragons in this world possess the ability to transform in some capacity. It is possible that she also possesses this power, but simply did not demonstrate it on screen.”

Given that this query continues to be a popular topic, fans can only hold out hope that Donkey’s standalone film will shed some light on the matter.

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