“SKY Castle” to be Remade in Japan for TV Asahi’s July Premiere

The cast for the Japanese version of “SKY Castle” has been finalized and filming has commenced. The remake, which is being produced by TV Asahi, one of Japan’s top private broadcasting companies, is set to premiere in July.

This collaboration marks the first project between SLL and TV Asahi since the signing of the MOU on May 17th, in which both parties agreed to work together in the content business. It is a significant milestone as it showcases their joint efforts in creating and producing competitive content for the global market.

The Japanese version of the show will shift its focus from the intense, behind-the-scenes competition of university entrance exams to the high school entrance exam process. This will provide a more accurate portrayal of the demanding and parent-driven nature of Japanese high school admissions, setting it apart from the original and offering a fresh perspective for viewers.

The main cast for the Japanese version has been partially disclosed.

Matsushita Nao, renowned for her performances in hit dramas like “GEGEGE no Nyobo” and “Get Ready!” , has been cast as Han Seo-jin (originally portrayed by Yum Jung-ah). Kimura Fumino, known for her consistent acting in various works such as “7 Secretaries” and “Mother Game” , will take on the role of Lee Soo-im (originally played by Lee Tae-ran). Higa Manami, recognized for her appearances in dramas like “The Detective and The Prosecutor” , has been chosen to play No Seung-hye (originally portrayed by Yoon Se-ah). Takahashi Maryjun, active in multiple areas including dramas

SKY Castle

According to SLL’s Head of Production, Park Jun-seo, the company is delighted to announce their latest collaboration, which comes after their successful partnership with TV Asahi. The collaboration will begin with the remake of the popular drama ‘SKY Castle’, and SLL will continue to strategize, create, and produce compelling content for the international audience.

In addition, “SKY Castle”is a show that explores the intense aspirations of affluent families residing in the top 0.1% of society, striving to groom their husbands as kings and their children as the most exceptional princes and princesses in the renowned “SKY Castle.”The series sparked a nationwide phenomenon known as the “SKY Castle syndrome”in Korea, achieving a remarkable viewership rating of 23.8% during its broadcast.

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