Solving the Clocks Puzzle in Alan Wake 2: Time Breaker’s Oceanview Hotel

The concluding installment of Night Springs, the primary extension of Alan Wake 2, follows The Actor, portrayed by Shawn Ashmore. As he journeys through the multiverse, The Actor will find himself in the lobby of the Oceanview Hotel, where players must solve a clock-based puzzle. Here is a guide to solving the puzzle in Alan Wake 2: Time Breaker.

Solving the Puzzle of the Oceanview Hotel Clocks

Within the lobby, there are three clocks displaying different times. The order is 12, 3, and 9.

At the conclusion of the foyer, there are three entrances, each adorned with a clock above. The designated order for traversing these doors is as follows: begin with the rightmost door, marked with a 12 o’clock timepiece, and proceed accordingly.

In this episode, you will encounter the Time Breakers, who are your enemies during this mission. They are not particularly challenging to defeat, so feel free to use your weapon frequently. You will also find plenty of ammunition throughout, so don’t hold back.

When you return to the lobby, make sure to enter the door with the clock set to 3. Repeat this step and continue until you reach the lobby with the front door set to 9, where you will find the required Energy Node. From there, you can make your way back to the Entertainment Lobby, accessible through the 12 o’clock door, and interact with the TV to successfully escape the hotel.

During this entire section, combat is relatively effortless and you will have numerous chances to replenish your supplies. There is no need to be conservative with your ammunition, so feel free to shoot like you’re playing a first-person shooter game.

The initial two episodes are relatively straightforward, with the exception of the mathematical challenge in North Star and the final showdown in Number One Fan. Additionally, this update includes the much-anticipated photo mode feature, accessible in the base game as well.

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