Son Dong-pyo’s Group MIRAE Disbands 3 Years After Debut

On July 9th, TV Report was the first to report the news of MIRAE’s disbandment.

Despite reports from the media stating that the MIRAE members have chosen to disband the group and pursue their own individual paths, it has been confirmed that Son Dong-pyo will remain with DSP Media and continue to pursue solo activities.

Despite debuting in March 2021, MIRAE will disband after three years of promoting as a group. In April, they released the Korean version of their debut song “RUNNING UP” from their Japan debut, and since then, the members have been dedicating their time to individual endeavors.


Upon being informed of the sudden disbandment of the group, fans flooded the comments section with sentiments such as “I hope this isn’t the end.”

MIRAE is a male group composed of seven members, namely Lee Jun-hyuk, Lien, Yoo Dou-hyun, Khael, Son Dong-pyo, Park Si-young, and Jang Yu-bin. Since their debut, the group has released a trilogy of albums – “KILLA”, “Splash”, and “Marvelous”- which all embody the determination and drive of young boys as they chase their dreams. Additionally, they have also showcased the “Boyss”series with their songs “Ourturn”and “Boys will be Boys”.

Despite the disbandment of MIRAE, Son Dong-pyo remained with the company and joined Mnet’s survival audition program “Produce X 101″in 2019. He went on to make a successful debut with the group X1.

On June 7th, after seven years, the girl group Weki Meki also announced their disbandment. Following the announcement, they released their final song, “CoinciDestiny,”on the 12th.

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