Son Ye-jin Opens Up About Her Decision To Marry Hyun Bin

On July 6th, Son Ye-jin participated in the mega talk session at the Bucheon International Film Festival. During the event, an audience member shared, “I have always wanted to see Son Ye-jin in person, and among male actors, it was Hyun Bin. That’s why I was overjoyed when I found out they were getting married.”They added, “You two have collaborated on two projects, so I’m curious to know when and how you both realized that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together, not just as actors but as individuals.”

In reply, Son Ye-jin smiled and remarked, “This is an intriguing question. Shouldn’t we move on from this topic?”She then continued, “As actors, we often work with many different co-stars on various projects. While some may end up dating or even getting married, I personally don’t prioritize that aspect.”

Hyun Bin Son Yeyin

She remarked, “It seems like destiny when we come to the realization that ‘people often mention how much we resemble each other’. I never saw the resemblance before, but those around me kept pointing it out. So, I took a closer look at him and began to wonder, ‘Do we truly share the same energy?’. Although we collaborated on two projects, it was his genuine character that captured my heart.”

“How should I put this?”Son Ye-jin pondered for a moment before saying, “To liken him to individuals from the past, he possessed a kind and logical demeanor, like that of a scholar.”With that, she introduced Hyun Bin.

The actress went on to say, “He’s not the type to hide unpleasant traits and portray himself in a positive light. In fact, he’s known for being very genuine and uncomplicated. And let’s not forget, he’s also quite handsome,”which caused the audience to burst into laughter. She concluded by saying, “Most importantly, he’s incredibly dependable. That’s what sets him apart.”

After spending the past two years focusing on myself, including getting married, having a child, and taking care of my child, I realized that actors tend to be self-centered. However, becoming a mother has opened my mind and softened my heart. During this time, I was able to forget about being an actress and just enjoy being a parent.

Hyun Bin

When I began my acting career, I had to navigate it alone as I had no prior knowledge and no one to guide me. This was reminiscent of when I became a mother. I was amazed by how effortlessly some people handle such challenges. For me, it brought a level of joy that exceeded my expectations. However, I soon found myself wondering about the type of character I should portray and how I would approach it. That’s when I realized I could draw on the emotions I had experienced for the first time in my personal life and use them in my acting.

She expressed, “Marriage is a new chapter in a woman’s life” , elaborating, “There are countless responsibilities and concerns that come with it. In the past, my focus was on acting, traveling, and staying fit, but now, I have to be mindful of everything to stay on top of things” . The actress went on to reveal, “The feeling of security that comes with having a family has become my ultimate goal and my desire for my child to grow up in good health has altered my perspective on life. I encourage those who are able to, to take the plunge into marriage and parenthood. It’s no easy feat, but it’s immensely rewarding” .

Finally, when asked about the type of role she would like to take on, Son Ye-jin shared, “I have a strong desire to portray a villain and I am confident in my ability to do so. Additionally, I would love to explore the action genre and tackle the role of a mother.” She also disclosed that she has already chosen her next acting project and anticipates being occupied with work in the latter half of this year, heightening anticipation for her return to the screen.

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