Staff Complain About Shooting Halt Due To Fight Between Members of Idol Group

Not long ago, a staff member of a K-pop company caused a stir on Instagram when their account shared a Story with the caption, “This is the first time a shoot was halted due to a fight among the members.”

Despite not disclosing the names of the idol group members or the company they were affiliated with, this staff member’s post sparked great interest among K-pop fans. As his post quickly went viral on social media, the staff member promptly changed his account to private mode.


Some netizens expressed their disapproval of the staff’s actions, stating that it was unprofessional to share workplace conflicts publicly. They believed that the staff’s decision to indirectly call out idols without specifying who, could lead to speculation and negatively impact innocent idols.

Additionally, it was believed that this staff member was employed by an unpopular idol group. This is because idols from major companies undergo extensive training to ensure they conduct themselves professionally and avoid any unpleasant incidents during shoots.

On the other hand, several individuals voiced differing opinions, arguing that the staff member was entitled to share their experience during the shoot.

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