Sung Jinwoo’s Most Memorable Scene in Solo Leveling Was Written the Night Before Its Performance

The inaugural season of Solo Leveling concluded with an impressive finale, as Sung Jinwoo delivered his iconic declaration, ‘Arise’. The scene was flawlessly executed, although the vocal performance was a last-minute preparation.

Undoubtedly one of the top anime of the year, Solo Leveling impressed audiences right from its debut in January. As a highly popular manwha, the adaptation by A-1 Pictures quickly gained a worldwide following during its season.

Many people familiar with the source material were eagerly anticipating Jinwoo’s first major moment, in which he gains the power to resurrect monsters by saying the word “Arise”. Aleks Le provided a behind-the-scenes look at this scene during Anime Expo 2024, sharing that the team had been planning and preparing for it all the way up to the recording.

In the dubbed version, Sung Jinwoo is portrayed by Le, who has openly discussed the creative modifications he has implemented in the anime series. His interpretation and grasp of the translated script have resulted in many noteworthy scenes, and he credits his strong collaboration with ADR director Caitlin Glass for their successful working relationship.

According to him, we developed a strong understanding of each other’s workflow, which gave me the opportunity to have a lot of creative freedom in interpreting and writing my own dialogue for the show. As a result, many of the speeches featured in the show are actually my own words that I was able to propose and revise, ensuring that it accurately conveys the original intentions from both the Japanese source material and the webtoon it was adapted from.

Despite receiving a new trailer for Solo Leveling Season 2 at Anime Expo, we are still awaiting news of its release window. In the meantime, check out our curated list of the top anime similar to Solo Leveling to keep yourself entertained.

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