Suzy Reveals Shocking Truth About Life After Miss A — ‘I Am Incomparably More Contented..’

During an interview with a news outlet to discuss her new project, ‘Wonderland’, former miss A member Suzy openly expressed her satisfaction with her current life as an actress on June 4.

The film ‘Wonderland’, helmed by director Kim Tae-yong, depicts a captivating tale of a video call service powered by AI that enables individuals to reconnect with their dear ones with whom they can no longer communicate. Suzy portrays the character of ‘Jeong-in’, who utilizes the Wonderland service after her partner ‘Tae-joo’ (played by Park Bo Gum) is rendered unconscious in an accident.

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Suzy first entered the entertainment industry in 2010 as a member of miss A. She then ventured into acting with her debut in the first season of KBS’s television series ‘Dream High’ in 2011. While miss A disbanded in 2017, Suzy continued to occasionally participate in the K-pop industry as a solo artist. However, she has recently shifted her focus towards her acting career.

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During the interview, Suzy shared her feelings about watching her early debut appearances.

“I now think that I was cute back then, which was not how I used to think when I was a little younger than I am now. Now it just makes me think that I was cute,”she shared.

“Watching my past footage catches me off guard sometimes. I’m like, ‘Why on earth was I there?’, since the memory is not crystal clear now. I guess I’m finding it more endearing as the memories become hazy,”the actress said with a smile.

Suzy expressed that she is much more content with her life now than when she was a miss A member.

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“Back then, I had no spare time or headspace and was in a more fierce life. There weren’t enough opportunities to think about my life or look at it from a distance. It’s not that things were harder back then; I didn’t know what to do because I was so young,”she expressed.

“Now that I have more headspace to reflect on my life, I am incomparably more contented with my life than I have been back then. I don’t think I would have reached this emotional state if I hadn’t gone through that time, though,”she commented.

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