Taylor Swift Praises ‘All Too Well’ Parody on SNL

Taylor Swift expressed her approval of Ryan Gosling’s parody of her popular song All Too Well on Saturday Night Live.

After his comedic Saturday Night Live monologue on April 23, Ryan Gosling’s fan base grew to include Taylor Swift. In the skit, Gosling and Emily Blunt were promoting their new movie, The Fall Guy.

Nevertheless, he informed the audience that he needed to part ways with his Oscar-nominated character, Ken, before proceeding further. This was because his main focus now shifted towards his role as a stuntman in the upcoming action comedy with Blunt.

“Portraying a challenging character for an extended period of time can feel like a difficult breakup. In times like these, turning to the music of the amazing Taylor Swift is the only thing that truly helps with the healing process.”

After sitting behind the piano, Gosling proceeded to parody Swift’s song All Too Well. He sang, “Although I left my rollerblades in that big pink house, I still have my fur coat and I’ll wear it right now,”to the melody of Swift’s popular tune.

Following the show, Swift took to Twitter to share the full monologue and added, “Ryan and Emily’s Version of All Too Well is EVERYTHING. Keep an eye out for me accidentally singing this version on tour.”Her tweet garnered much attention from fans and critics alike.

Despite Swift’s enthusiasm, she wasn’t the only one impressed by Gosling’s skit. Several fans also expressed their admiration for his parody.

“One fan wrote that they couldn’t stop thinking about this version, finding it incredibly relatable and emotional. They expressed their love for it.”

Another person stated, “I appreciate her love for this because, let’s face it, it was extremely amusing.”

Several other fans were curious to inquire if Swift would be appearing on SNL to advertise her upcoming album, The Tortured Poets Department.

Despite the anticipation of many for Swift’s potential appearance, it remains uncertain if she will join the SNL cast following the release of her album on April 19.

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