The Atypical Family: Explaining the ending and Gwi-ju’s fate.

The finale of The Atypical Family left viewers on edge, as they anxiously awaited to see if Gwi-ju would fulfill his mother’s premonition and sacrifice himself to save Da-hae in the past.

The unexpected complexities of Da-hae and Gwi-ju’s love story were revealed by the Atypical Family, showing that Gwi-ju had been the one to rescue Da-hae in her youth and initiate a time loop that bound their destinies together.

As Gwi-ju’s fans are aware, he can only engage with past joyful moments that include Da-hae. In order to reach his current state, he understands that he must travel back in time and ensure that certain events involving Da-hae occur.

However, in Episode 12, Gwi-ju’s fate takes a dark turn as his mother dreams of his death while trying to save Da-hae. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Does Gwi-ju die in the fire?

Although Gwi-ju goes back in time to the moment In-a was born and the school fire to save Da-hae, he ultimately “dies”in the past and his present body disappears. However, in the finale, his son is able to bring him back.

Gwi-ju’s mother’s premonition of his death does indeed come true. Gwi-ju has started to recognize that his abilities have transformed, and he is now susceptible to injury in the past. During In-a’s school recital, Da-hae notices that he is wearing the same outfit she remembers from the day he rescued her from the fire.

Consequently, a chaotic situation arises when Dong-hee’s problematic ex unintentionally sets one of the storage rooms on fire. The flames rapidly spread, leaving In-a trapped backstage.

Da-hae successfully locates In-a and shields her, just as Gwi-ju appears to rescue them. He quickly understands that the only means for his daughter and Da-hae to survive in their present era is by guaranteeing Da-hae’s existence in the past.

Gwi-ju’s powers allow him to transport himself to the pivotal moment of his life: the day In-a was born, which coincided with the school fire that claimed the life of his dear friend Da-hae. As he disappears from his current body, he is brought back to the fateful day that forever changed his life.

This time, his powers have reached their maximum potential and are now visible to everyone, allowing him to alter the past. He locates Da-hae who is confined within the school, gives her his ring, and reveals details about her future.

It is assumed that due to Gwi-ju’s newfound vulnerability in the past, he perishes in the fire and is unable to return to his present timeline. He is believed to have died and is among the missing in In-a’s school fire.

Gwi-ju’s Epic Return: The Ending of a K-drama

Despite the school fire, the Bok family continues to carry on with their lives, grieving over Gwi-ju’s death. However, they had been mentally and emotionally prepared for his passing due to the premonition.

It is later revealed that Da-hae had given birth to Gwi-ju’s son, Bok Nu-ri, five years after a time jump. While they were getting ready for dinner, Gwi-ju’s mother instructed them to set an additional plate as she had dreamt of an extra guest joining them.

As Da-hae is tidying up her son’s clothes, he suddenly appears with the orange ball he had lost. He explains that he “brought it from yesterday”and admits to no longer remembering what happened in the past.

Upon discovering that her son has inherited his own abilities to travel through time and retrieve objects, Da-hae presents him with a photo of Gwi-ju and inquires whether he can use his powers to bring his father back.

As she prepares to depart, she becomes aware of a presence behind her. Gwi-ju is standing in the room, holding his son’s hand. The Atypical Family concludes with a heartwarming family reunion.

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