The Atypical Family Viewers Upset over One Minor Detail in Finale

The conclusion of The Atypical Family was positively received by fans, although there was one aspect of In-a’s storyline that left more to the imagination.

Fans were captivated by In-a’s budding romance with Jun-woo, finding it more endearing than the relationship between Gwi-ju and Da-hae. In-a, who is typically reserved, experiences her first crush when Jun-woo finally confesses his true feelings for her.

Despite being a favorite among fans, their endearing moments together were not enough. In the finale, a five-year time skip only gave a glimpse of 15-year-old In-a attending school from the back, leaving fans craving for more details about her and Jun-woo’s relationship.

“In-a is in her high school years, but I haven’t been able to see her face and I’m not sure if she and Jun-woo are still together at the moment. This is making me emotional, I know they did it to make it more realistic, but… still,”shared a fan on X/Twitter.

The scene does not provide nearly as much insight into her experiences over the past five years as it does for the rest of the Bok family. However, it does suggest that she has matured and formed friendships while attending school.

On Reddit, a fan concurred, agreeing with the sentiment that “If I do have one regret about the ending it’s that since it was five years later they decided not to show I-Na since obviously with how small and young she looked it wouldn’t have made sense and would have required casting a different actress, which would have been somewhat sad.”

At school, you catch a glimpse of her from behind, living a seemingly social life with her friends. It’s a shame that we don’t get to witness a final scene with all of them gathered around a table, and see her response to her Father’s return after surviving.

With a height much smaller than her co-stars who portrayed her classmates, Park So-yi took on the role of In-a. As the story progressed with a five-year time jump, it would have been unrealistic for her to suddenly appear as a full-grown teenager.

In addition to the uncertainty surrounding whether In-a and Jun-woo’s friendship evolved into a genuine love story during their teenage years, there is another unfortunate aspect to The Atypical Family finale.

The K-drama thoughtfully depicted In-a’s emotional response to her father’s potential passing, particularly after their reconnection and In-a’s newfound understanding of her father’s sincere affection for her.

Despite the five-year absence, Gwi-ju’s main purpose for leaving was to travel back in time and rescue Da-hae so that she could ultimately save In-a from the school fire in the present. However, the finale did not provide closure on whether the father and daughter were able to reunite after their long separation.

Despite this, The Atypical Family concluded with a happy ending for the Bok family, much to the delight of fans who were thrilled to see another successful K-drama come to a close.

The Atypical Family can be found on Netflix, where you can also enjoy other time travel K-dramas, find out what happened in the finale of Queen of Tears, discover the identity of the killer in Hierarchy, and keep an eye out for upcoming K-dramas on the platform.

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