The Bear Season 3 Ending Explained: What is The Future Of The Restaurant?

The finale of The Bear season 3 represents a crucial moment for Carmy, Sydney, and the entire staff at the upscale restaurant.

The Bear season 3 is a culmination of personal battles for each character. Carmy confronts his mental struggles, Sydney navigates his professional challenges, Tina comes to terms with her past, Richie deals with his wife’s remarriage, and Sugar works on repairing her relationship with her mother. These individual journeys ultimately lead to a cathartic closure for the season.

The episode begins with Carmy, Sydney, Richie, and a group of the country’s top chefs coming together at Chef Terry’s Ever to pay tribute to its legacy before its official closure.

1. Chicago Tribune Review of The Bear Season 3 Ending

The third season finale of The Bear leaves the audience uncertain about the tone of the Chicago Tribune’s review. Nevertheless, it includes brief glimpses of key words from the review, giving viewers the opportunity to speculate on its overall message. Some of these words are briefly shown in the final scene:

  • “Confusing”
  • “Excellent”
  • “True culinary gem”
  • “Dissonance”
  • “Innovative”
  • “Brilliant”
  • “Sloppy”
  • “Inconsistent”
  • “Delicious”
  • “Simple”
  • “Disappointed”
  • “Berzatto”
  • “Stale”
  • “Overdone”

The presence of mixed keywords suggests that the bears’ reception is a combination of positive and negative. While the outcome of the review is still uncertain, Carmy’s response and the numerous missed calls from Uncle Jimmy seem to hint at unfavorable news.

If this statement holds true, Jimmy will ultimately determine the future of The Bear, as it may remain in a state of uncertainty until he decides if the endeavor is worth pursuing.

The Bear Season 3 Ending Explained
Jeremy Allen White in The Bear | Source: IMDb

Is Sydney Leaving The Bear?

During the concluding arc of The Bear’s third season, Sydney is seen having a good time at Ever’s retirement celebration. However, a sudden emotional outburst uncovers her inner turmoil as she is forced to decide between remaining at The Bear or joining Adam, a former member of the CDC, in his new restaurant venture.

Sydney has been attempting to persuade herself to remain at The Bear all season. This is evident in her hesitation to sign the contract that would solidify her as a joint partner. Her inner turmoil is obvious, indicating that her choice is far from simple.

She is almost certain that if she accepts Adam’s offer, she will have to leave The Bear and completely change her career path in the food industry. However, she finds it difficult to mention the idea of leaving Carmy.

Despite being at Ever’s retirement party, Syd makes it clear to Adam that she is interested in the opportunity. This suggests that she is considering leaving The Bear, but is hesitant due to her strong attachment to the restaurant and its staff.

It is evident that the reason she remains calm in the final scene is not because she is unsure of what to do. In fact, she is fully aware that in order to progress in her cooking journey and gain recognition for her work, she must say goodbye to The Bear.

Syd is filled with anxiety as she struggles to bid farewell to the individuals she has become so fond of. A negative review of The Bear by the Chicago Tribune would provide Syd with a valid justification to move on. On the other hand, if the review had praised her dishes, it could have complicated the plans for her departure.

Will Uncle Jimmy’s Funding for The Bear be Cut Off After Season 3?

During the third season of the show, The Bear faces financial challenges and Uncle Jimmy steps in to help. He brings in his financial advisor to assess ways for Carmy and Sydney to reduce operational expenses.

Despite Jimmy’s strong desire to maintain his family-owned and operated restaurant, he came to the realization that he could not sustain its funding.

Therefore, he informs Carmy that he will be forced to discontinue their funding if they do not receive a favorable review from the Chicago Tribune. Shortly after returning to his car, his financial advisor delivers the news that he can no longer support them due to significant losses in his overall net worth.

Despite the fact that the outcome of the review will ultimately determine if Jimmy will continue investing in The Bear, his worsening financial state could potentially lead to difficulties for the restaurant.

Despite receiving a positive review from the publication, The Bear was unable to maintain its success due to Uncle Jimmy’s financial struggles. He is currently facing financial difficulties and is not as affluent as he once was.

The Bear Season 3 Ending Explained
Oliver Platt in The Bear | Source: IMDb

4. Is there a Redemption Chance for Carmy? Will He Get Back Together With Claire?

In the first few episodes of The Bear season 3, it becomes clear that Carmy has come to understand where he went wrong with Claire. Despite this realization, he is unable to bring himself to apologize to her. Throughout the season, Carmy wavers between two distinct patterns of behavior.

Despite his internal conflict, one side of him urges for more self-compassion and better care for his relationships. However, the other side, represented by the demon, pushes him to push himself harder and develop a thick skin in order to become a master in his craft.

Despite his boss, the Faks, suggesting that he should call Claire and apologize, the latter renders him unable to do so. It is unlikely that he will do so soon, as he declines even when prompted. As long as Carmy continues to believe that his success in cooking will harm his relationships, he will remain isolated and ultimately lose Sydney.

Carmy’s Impact from Meeting with David

During Ever’s retirement party, Carmy has an encounter with his former boss, David. Through Carmy’s recollections, it becomes evident that he was subjected to bullying and humiliation in the kitchen by David, which led to his psychological and emotional trauma.

Carmy becomes angry when he sees his old boss, remembering how he was mistreated by him. In response, the boss boasts that Carmy would not have become a skilled chef without his guidance. However, this realization causes Carmy to see how David’s toxic mentorship has influenced his relentless pursuit of perfection. Over time, Carmy becomes more and more like David, a fact that bursts his bubble when he realizes it.

Despite The Bear’s third season coming to an end with this rejuvenation, it appears that Carmy will now have to make a permanent change. He has finally accepted that he is becoming the type of chef he detests and must keep himself grounded and refrain from being a bully to his co-workers. He runs the risk of leaving the same lasting impact on them that David left on him.

However, since Syd is already on the verge of giving up on The Bear, it is possible that all of this may come too late for Carmy to finally step aside and let him go.

6. How Does the Ending of The Bear Season 3 Set Up Season 4?

While Season 3 of The Bear toned down the drama slightly compared to Season 2, it still managed to save all the intense moments for the end, setting the stage for a high-stakes Season 4.

Tina will suffer the biggest professional blow in The Bear season 3 if the main restaurant is closed or Sydney leaves, as these major plot points are all connected to the vague restaurant review. Richie, who has just been rejected by Ever, will also face career struggles if Uncle Jimmy decides to shut down The Bear before its time.

7. About The Bear

The television series, The Bear, was created by Christopher Storer and is a combination of comedy and drama with an American setting.

After the tragic suicide of his older brother, a talented chef who had been working in the world of fine dining returns to his hometown of Chicago to take over his family’s Italian beef sandwich shop. However, he is faced with the daunting task of dealing with his brother’s unpaid debts, a dilapidated kitchen, and a rebellious staff.

All episodes of the first season were made available on FX on Hulu on June 23, 2022, and the second season was released all at once on June 22, 2023. In November 2023, the show was renewed for a third season, which premiered on June 26, 2024. Before the third season’s debut, a fourth season was confirmed and will be filmed consecutively with the third.

The cast of the series includes Jeremy Allen White, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Ayo Edebiri, Lionel Boyce, Liza Colón-Zayas, and Abby Elliott.

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