The Best Blair Build in The First Descendant

The First Descendant boasts a diverse cast of characters, each equipped with distinctive skills that contribute to their individualized gameplay. Blair’s ideal setup maximizes his proficiency in fire-based combat.

Best Blair Build

  • Modules: Focus on Fire, Fire Specialist, Classic Chef, Nimble Fingers
  • Reactor: Burning Phase
  • External Components: HP Recovery, DEF
  • Weapon: Enduring Legacy Machine Gun

In The First Descendant, Blair’s preferred method of attack is using fire to deal significant critical damage to enemies. His playstyle is unique as he excels in causing area-of-effect critical damage rather than focusing on single targets.

The Burning Phase skill can enhance this power, while equipping External Components that enhance his HP and DEF can improve his survivability. Combining it with an Ultimate weapon such as Enduring Legacy will ensure success for the best possible Blair build. Additional information about this build can be found below.

Best Module Setup

Slot Module Description
1 (Skill Module) Classic Chef Changes Pitmaster skill to increase firearm and skill critical hit rate and, using Deadly Cuisine, increases the number of flame zones to 4.
2 Skill Range Mastery Improves the Range of Skills
3 Increased Shield Increases your Max Shield
4 Fire Specialist Increases the Skill Power of Fire skills
5 Skill Expansion Increases the Effect Range of skills
6 Focus on Fire Improves the Skill Power of Fire Skills, and slightly reduces Skill Cooldowns
7 (Sub-Module) Dual Claw Changes your Sub Attack to a Dual Claw attack. Increases Max Module Capacity
8 Willpower Efflux Increases your DEF and slightly improves HP Heal
9 Increased DEF Increases your DEF
10 Increased HP Increases your max HP
11 Nimble Fingers Considerably reduces your Skill Cooldown.
12 [Flex]

Despite his limited mobility, I discovered that incorporating Modules such as Willpower Efflux and Increased DEF was crucial in surviving battles while effectively utilizing Blair’s Skills.

His potential heavily depends on his abilities, making Nimble Fingers and Focus on Fire crucial in reducing Skill cooldowns and increasing the frequency of Burn stacks.

The final slot is open for any skill that you deem useful for potential challenges, but the most intriguing Module is Classic Chef. This upgrade amplifies the effectiveness of both the Pitmaster Passive and Deadly Cuisine, increasing critical damage and adding more DoT effects.

Top Reactors

Burning Phase is the most suitable Reactor for Blair due to his greater number of Dimension type skills compared to Fusion type skills.

In The First Descendant, Reactors play a crucial role as they enhance your Skill Power and may also come with additional modifiers that strengthen your build. It is important to keep in mind that meeting the Optimization Condition for the Reactor you choose will maximize its benefits for your character.

Top External Components

Blair can enhance his Max Shield, HP Recovery, DEF, and Max HP by using the most effective External Components.

It is evident that Blair faces difficulties with mobility in The First Descendant. Therefore, it would be beneficial to prioritize increasing his Shields and HP to compensate for his limited ability to evade enemy attacks.

Best weapons

The Enduring Legacy Machine Gun, Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle, and Secret Garden Tactical Rifle are crucial components of the ultimate Blair build in The First Descendant.

Enduring Legacy

  • ATK: 28
  • Fire Rate: 571
  • Reload Speed: 2.7 seconds
  • Effective Range: 40m
  • Craftsmanship: When striking an enemy, the Status effect Trigger Rate for the corresponding element (Fire/Chill/Electric/Toxic) is increased and the unique ability Quenching is inflicted on the target. Additionally, attacking a Burned enemy will boost Firearm ATK and bestow this buff upon the attack.
Enduring Legacy Machine Gun in The First Descendant
Nexon Games

Craftsmanship makes this weapon a must-have for Blair.

Despite not being one of the top weapons in The First Descendant, Enduring Legacy proves to be a formidable choice in Blair’s hands. The Status effect and ATK boost provided by Craftsmanship greatly enhance his Fiery abilities, allowing him to maximize his potential.

Afterglow Sword

  • ATK: 240
  • Fire Rate: 66
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds
  • Effective Range: 55m
  • The game character “Nightmare Reaper”possesses the unique ability Death Propagation, which is triggered when hitting an enemy’s weak point. Additionally, when attacking an enemy Commander or Collossi, the firearm critical hit rate is increased and the Death Propagation effect is applied to the attack.
Afterglow Sword Sniper Rifle in The First Descendant
Nexon Games

Nightmare Reaper makes this weapon excellent against bosses.

After experimenting, I realized that I wasn’t effectively engaging the enemy with Blair. Using a weapon like Afterglow enhanced his crit damage potential, which is his greatest advantage. However, when facing bosses, he may still fall short compared to other weapons. Nonetheless, Afterglow remains one of the most powerful weapons against bosses.

Secret Garden

  • ATK: 62
  • Fire Rate: 199
  • Reload Speed: 2 seconds
  • Effective Range: 35m
  • Gardener: When utilizing a Dimension skill, there is a chance to recover Custom Resource. Similarly, when utilizing a Tech skill, there is a chance to activate the unique ability Pest Control.
Secret Garden Tactical Rifle in The First Descendant
Nexon Games

Gardener makes Dimension skills that much stronger.

In addition to being a great secondary weapon, Secret Garden is also capable of restoring resources while using Dimension skills. Although its effectiveness is somewhat dependent on utilizing these skills, it can greatly assist in efficiently managing resources and is a valuable addition to Blair’s optimal build.

Best Active Skill

Blaze Up is considered to be Blair’s top Active Skill in The First Descendant due to its impressive AoE and DoT damage capabilities, without the need to engage in close combat with the enemy.

His Ultimate, Deadly Cuisine, is where he truly shines. It unleashes a massive Fireball onto enemies, leaving devastation in its wake. Although he lacks defensive abilities, I discovered that utilizing Burn effects and maximizing crit damage was the most effective way to utilize his skills.

What you need to know about Abilities

  • Pitmaster (Passive): When attacking enemies in a Burn state, the damage from Critical Hits is increased.
  • Blaze Up: Emits flames to inflict damage on nearby enemies and create Stoves. These Stoves will continue to damage enemies and apply a Burn effect.
  • When extinguishing Stoves on the battlefield, Mana is restored and DEF is temporarily increased.
  • The move “Burn Taste”shoots flames forward, causing continuous damage and inflicting a Burn status on nearby enemies.
  • The skill “Deadly Cuisine”allows you to launch a powerful Fireball that breaks into smaller ones upon impact. These smaller Fireballs will cause explosion damage and leave a Burn effect on enemies. Additionally, the explosions will create Stoves in the surrounding area.

Blair is a fully DoT character who may face some difficulty with single-target focus, but his Pitmaster passive allows him to rival the critical damage output of only a select few Descendants.

To optimize your critical hits, it is recommended to prioritize stacking Burn with Blaze Up and Burn Taste when playing as him. Mastering this Descendant can be challenging due to his limited mobility and weaker defense, so it is important to remain patient as you familiarize yourself with his gameplay.

Unlocking Blair: A Step-by-Step Guide

To obtain Blair in The First Descendant, you have two options: conducting research with Anais in Albion or purchasing him from the store.

To research his Enhanced Cells, Stabilizer, and Spiral Catalyst, just like with other Descendants, you must gather the necessary materials. Once you have everything, including his code located in Hagios, you will be able to successfully conduct your research.

If you’re interested in finding additional Descendants who excel in DoT and AoE damage, be sure to check out our builds for Valby, Lepic, and Freyna. There are also powerful characters, such as Kyle, who thrive in high-pressure situations and are worth considering for your next unlock.

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