The Boys Season 4: Uncovering the Strongest Supe Right in Front of Us

After observing a particular interaction in Episode 6, there are viewers who speculate that The Boys Season 4 may be concealing its most powerful supe in plain sight.

The latest episode of The Boys, Season 4 Episode 6, shocked many viewers as the plot pushed boundaries in certain areas, particularly in regards to Hughie’s scenes.

Despite the abundance of activity, it’s not surprising that some individuals in the audience may have overlooked a casual remark made by the actor portraying Black Noir.

However, some users on The Boys’ subreddit pointed out that the line may suggest that Noir, the strongest supe of the series, is actually a member of The Seven in disguise.

I absolutely HATE the fact that nobody is talking about this because of all the other shit going on in Episode 6 byu/DistributionJust976 inTheBoys

After experiencing too much violence as a member of the Seven, Noir expresses to the Deep his desire to leave the group because he is unable to comprehend his own hero motivations.

“You’re aware that all that was in his closet were seven file boxes filled with terrible Buster Beaver drawings, right? Oh, and did you know that I can fly?”He mentioned.

Prior to this point, numerous fans had the belief that the imposter Noir was merely a hired actor by Vought to maintain a facade following Homelander’s killing of the authentic supe in the Season 3 finale.

Despite participating in brutal acts with the Seven, Fake Noir never displayed any signs of possessing superpowers. However, a certain line of dialogue has sparked speculation among viewers that he may be the most powerful supe on the show, deliberately concealing his extraordinary abilities.

One Reddit user commented, “I’m amazed that he can FLY. Who knows, he might just emerge as one of the most powerful supes out there.”They added, “None of us would have predicted that he would be even more dangerous than the previous Noir.”

One other supporter pointed out, “It seems like the attention is solely on his ability to fly, rather than acknowledging that he also possesses some level of super strength. This guy definitely sounds like a formidable character.”

A third viewer was in disbelief when the show nonchalantly revealed that “The new Noir can fly, that’s insane lmfao”through a brief quote.

Black Noir II in The Boys Season 4
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It would be logical for Vought to either inject the fake Noir with Compound V or recruit an unfamiliar supe to maintain the Seven’s strength.

Having Noir gain the ability to fly in The Boys Season 4 would greatly alter the game, as there are not many supes with that particular power.

Ever since the show’s inception, the ability to fly has only been demonstrated by Homelander and Stormfront. While Starlight has the capability to fly, it is considered an additional benefit of her energy blast abilities rather than a skill in itself.

The fact that Fake Noir admits to being able to fly could suggest that he will eventually be exposed as a clone, or that he possesses even greater abilities than Homelander, similar to the twist in the original comic.

However, given the show’s nature as The Boys, it is possible that counterfeit Noir is exaggerating his own strength in order to maintain a favorable relationship with more formidable supes such as Homelander and Sister Sage.

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