The Finals Season 3 – New Map, Weapons, and Game Mode Introduced in Summer Game Fest

Exciting for fans of The Finals, the game’s highly anticipated season 3 has finally been announced. During the Summer Game Fest 2024, Embark Studios, the creators of The Finals, unveiled the latest season. This time, the game will be venturing into Japan and offering new Japanese-inspired maps and items for players to enjoy.

1. New Addition to The Finals’ Map Pool

Kyoto 1568 Arena in The Finals
Kyoto 1568 Arena in The Finals | Source: Youtube | IGN

The third season of The Finals introduces the Kyoto 1568 arena, which is set in Feudal Japan. The map stays true to its theme by including cherry blossom trees, dense bamboo coverings, a canal, two overbridges, traditional wooden houses from medieval Japan, and a grand temple.

The destructible buildings and their surroundings add to the excitement of engaging in intense combat with skilled players. As a whole, the new arena appears to be a enjoyable addition to the game.

New Ranked Mode – Thrilling and Engaging

Terminal Ranked Mode in The Finals
Terminal Ranked Mode in The Finals | Source: Youtube | IGN

The Finals will now include a fresh 5v5 ranked game mode known as Terminal Attack, in which teams alternate between attacking and defending a designated target.

The game mode is a best-of-7, which means that there is very little room for error. At the beginning of each map, teams are assigned either the Attacker or Defender side.

The purpose of the Attackers is to successfully deliver the Decryption Key to one of the terminals and complete the transfer. Simultaneously, the Defenders must defend the terminal and prevent the Attackers from accomplishing their objective.

New Weapons and Gadgets in The Finals Season 3

New Weapons in The Finals
New Weapons in The Finals

The third installment of The Finals will feature the introduction of five additional weapons and gadgets.

  • The Recurve Bow is a weapon designed for medium to long-range combat, requiring a high level of skill due to the curved trajectory of its arrows after release.
  • The Thermal Bore is a Lights gadget with a long-range capability, designed to strategically breach walls, buildings, and other obstacles.
  • Dual Katanas – A fast mid-range melee that dispenses quick-paced multi-combos. It can also deflect bullets and has a charged lunge attack.
  • Spear – A melee that seems to have a larger range than regular melees. It can be used to make fast-paced stab attacks. Moreover, it also offers a spinning attack that can do AoE damage or increase range.
  • The Winch Claw is a recently developed specialized tool that can be deployed to draw enemies and objects closer to the user. When used in conjunction with a suitable weapon, it can be utilized strategically for optimal results.

The World Tour Event – Finals Season 3

World Tournaments in The Finals
World Tournaments in The Finals | Source: Youtube | IGN

The Finals Season 3 will see the introduction of The World Tour, a newly designed series of competitions aimed at challenging players. Each event and tournament within The World Tour will have its own unique rules, locations, loadouts, and rewards for participating players.

Winning events and tournaments allows players to advance on the leaderboard and increase their World Tour Badge to Bronze, Silver, or Gold. If a player performs exceptionally well throughout the season, they may also earn Multibucks.

About The Finals

The Finals is a team-based first-person shooter that is free to play, created and released by Embark Studios, a subsidiary of Nexon. The game emphasizes matches on maps with a destructible environment, encouraging players to strategically use the dynamic surroundings to their benefit.

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