The First Descendant accused of copying Destiny 2 icon designs

It has been observed by players that there are several similar icon designs between Destiny 2 and The First Descendant.

Despite the comparisons between The First Descendant and Destiny, they are not considered anything groundbreaking. Fans of the former have already drawn parallels to the latter, and these sentiments were only reinforced when The First Descendant was released on July 2nd.

Despite differences in gameplay and appearance, many have noted striking similarities between the two games. Forbes writer Paul Tassi discusses these resemblances in an article, pointing out the barely-changed icons and weapons in The First Descendant.

Tassi pointed out that numerous icons within the Nexon game bear a striking resemblance to some of those found in Destiny 2.

As noted by a user on Twitter/X, the logo for Electric Transition in The First Descendant shares many similarities with D2’s Inertia Override imagery.

Both multiplayer shooters also feature a similar sniper design, evident in the angular appearance of the Different Dream rifle in the newer game, which was clearly inspired by Destiny 2’s IKELOS sniper.

Despite the clear influence, some argue that First Descendant may have crossed a line by directly imitating the popular Bungie shooter.

Nevertheless, the so-called ripoffs are not unexpected to many in the growing First Descendant community, as they have also noticed striking resemblances to Warframe.

During a discussion on Destiny 2 comparisons in a Reddit thread, there were those who went as far as to label Nexon’s latest game as a “1:1 ripoff”of the shooter by Digital Extremes.

One individual commented, “It’s no surprise since everything else is also just a blatant copy of Warframe.”

Another person joined the conversation and expressed, “I couldn’t help but facepalm when I noticed that they basically replicated the Warframe modding system without making any changes.”

However, some First Descendant players believe that the game could benefit from taking even more inspiration from Warframe, particularly when it comes to customization options.

Despite the approach chosen, the recently released free-to-play game has already achieved remarkable success, reaching an all-time high of over 264,000 simultaneous players on Steam.

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