The First Descendant: Ranking the Best Ultimate Weapons

The First Descendant has recently launched, and like many looter shooters, it offers a wide selection of weapons to choose from. To help guide your choices, we have created a tier list ranking the top weapons to use.

The First Descendant features a total of nine weapon types, including Machine Guns, Assault Rifles, SMGs, Tactical Rifles, Hand Cannons, Shotguns, Scout Rifles, Sniper Rifles, and Beam Rifles.

In the current meta, High Fire Rate guns have proven to be the most effective. While there are a few exceptions in other categories, it is recommended to have at least one Machine Gun, SMG, or Assault Rifle in your arsenal, especially for beginners.

This is our complete tier list of weapons for The First Descendant.

The First Descendant Weapon Type Tier List

Tier Weapon type
S Machine Guns
A Hand Cannons, SMGs, Assault Rifles, Beam Rifles
B Scout Rifles, Tactical Rifles, Launchers
C Shotguns, Sniper Rifles

The First Descendant’s Ultimate Weapons Tier List

Tier Weapons
S Executor, Clairvoyance, Perforator, Nazeistra’s Devotion, Python Instinct
A Secret Garden, Divine Punishment, Thunder Cage, Blue Beetle, Enduring Legacy, Albion Cavalry Gun
B King’s Guard Lance, Piercing Light, Wave of Light, Afterglow Sword, Smithereens, Restored Relic
C Sigvore’s Proof, Final Masterpiece, Greg’s Reversed Fate, The Last Dagger, Fallen Hope

Best Ultimate weapon in The First Descendant (July 2024 meta)

Depending on your preferred playstyle and selected Descendant, there are two guns that dominate the current meta. One of these is the Python Instinct, an SMG equipped with the special perk Prey. This perk inflicts a debuff that gradually reduces Toxic resistance by 10% for each stack. If you happen to be using Freyna as your Descendant, this gun is essential to your loadout.

Our alternative option is Clairvoyance, a powerful beam rifle with excellent damage scaling. Striking foes with a Stage 2 Beam causes the target to be affected by Void Gaze, while a Stage 3 Beam will instead inflict Appalled Calling (which can often function similarly to Frostbite).

The First Descendant: Explaining Weapon Tiers

Our ranking system utilizes a straightforward approach that categorizes weapons according to their overall effectiveness in battle.

  • S: The best weapons in the game
  • A: Very good weapons offering an alternative to other options
  • B: There might be situations where these weapons can perform well
  • C: Best to avoid unless you really want to give the weapon a try

S-Tier Ultimate Weapons in The First Descendant


The Executor in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 16
    • Fire Rate: 109
    • Reload Time: 1.85 seconds
    • Impending Judgement: Hitting enemies will all bullets grant Executor’s Exaltation. Highest stage increases Firearm ATK on hit and inflicts Electrocution on the target enemy. On hitting an Electrocuted enemy, increase Firearm ATK and apply this buff to the attack.

The overall condition of shotguns is quite challenging, but the Executor remains unmatched as the top performer. Its consistent outgoing damage is impressive, and it also boasts enhanced accuracy with each successful hit.

In addition, when considering the Electrocution debuff that is activated at the highest level of the Executor’s Exaltation buff (which works well with a boosted ATK stat), it becomes challenging to overlook its effectiveness. This makes it a great option for Descendants who heavily rely on close-range combat against large groups of enemies.

Python Instinct

The Python in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 21
    • Fire Rate: 923
    • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
    • Python Instinct: On hitting an enemy’s Weak Point, it inflicts the unique ability Prey on the target enemy.

The top SMG in the game is often overlooked, but it truly shines when wielded by the perfect Descendant. As previously stated, the stacking Prey perk is what sets this weapon apart, especially when focused on increasing venom damage (which is highly effective in the current meta.)

This is precisely why it is an unstoppable force when wielded by a Descendant such as Freyna, whose expertise lies in inflicting venom damage. In addition to this, it boasts remarkable precision and impressive DPS, despite its absurdly high Fire Rate.

Nazeistra’s Devotion

Nazeistra's Devotion in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 81
    • Fire Rate: 150
    • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
    • Fanaticism: On hitting an enemy’s Weak Point, inflicts the unique ability Devotion Mark on the target enemy. On hitting an ally, that ally’s shield is restored at the cost of your MP.

While they may not be the most popular characters at the moment, support characters still hold an important role in the game. For those Descendants seeking to aid their allies in battle, Nazeistra’s Devotion serves as the ideal complement.

The Fanatacism perk is a unique weapon that enables players to restore their party members’ shields by shooting them, at the expense of their own MP. Those who possess the skill of quick reactions and situational awareness will find this to be the most effective support gun in the game.


The Perforator in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 141
    • Fire Rate: 99
    • Reload Time: 1.6 seconds
    • Detect: On hitting a Weak Point, inflicts damage to the enemy’s Shield in proportion to their Max Shield at a set chance. The higher the Firearm Level, the closer this damage gets to the maximum limit. When damage is dealt to the enemy that completely depletes the target enemy’s Shield, inflict Stun with a set chance.

Perforator lives up to its name, packing a powerful punch. With a high attack stat, a solid Fire Rate, and a reasonable reload time, this gun immediately claims the title of the best offensive Hand Cannon in The First Descendant.

The perk is especially beneficial for those who possess the precision to activate it. It inflicts damage proportionate to the maximum shield when targeting a vulnerable spot, making it incredibly overpowered when facing foes with substantial shielding (which occurs frequently).


Clairvoyance in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 23
    • Fire Rate: 399
    • Reload Time: 2.2 seconds
    • The Thing Beyond: Hitting an enemy with a Stage 2 Beam inflicts Void Gaze on the target. Hitting an enemy with a Stage 3 Beam inflicts Appalled Calling on the target. This effect is considered the same as Frostbite in some modes.

The sole S-Tier Beam rifle is a versatile choice that excels at defeating difficult boss enemies. Despite having a slower Fire Rate than King’s Guard, its superior attack stat allows for easier use and results in a higher damage output overall.

At Stage 2 and 3, this ability effectively complements numerous meta builds and is especially valuable for players using Viessa. It also excels at clearing large groups of enemies in encounters with high enemy density.

A-Tier Ultimate weapons in The First Descendant

Secret Garden

Secret Garden in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 23
    • Fire Rate: 480
    • Reload Time: 1.6 seconds
    • Gardener: When using a Dimension skill, recovers Custom Resource with a set chance. When using a Tech skill, grants the unique ability Pest Control with a set chance.

Secret Garden is an invaluable asset for Descendants who rely on their Tech and Dimension abilities. While it may not stand out as a gun, its decent damage and average reload time make it a reliable choice that can greatly benefit any loadout. However, it should not be expected to surpass C-Tier rankings.

The effectiveness of this weapon greatly relies on the skill and strategy of the players. Therefore, it may be challenging to utilize for those who are not fully familiar with their Descendants rotation. Nonetheless, the significant damage boost it offers makes it worthwhile to master the efficient use of abilities.

Divine Punishment

Divine Punishment in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 23
    • Fire Rate: 705
    • Reload Time: 1.55 seconds
    • Prayer: Granting a buff to allies will grant the unique effect Meditation to yourself. Recovering an ally’s (HP/Shield/MP/Resources) will grant the unique effect Praise to yourself. Inflicting a debuff on an enemy will grant the unique effect Glory to yourself.

Another strong contender for the title of best support weapon in the game is Divine Punishment. This Assault Rifle boasts impressive damage output, a high Fire Rate, and exceptional accuracy. Given the current strength of Assault Rifles, it is a reliable and solid choice for any player.

Fortunately, it also includes fantastic support benefits that make it a game-changing addition. When using it to buff allies, the player receives the Meditation buff, boosting base DEF by 10% for a duration of 30 seconds. Additionally, healing allies with this item grants the Praise effect, decreasing skill cooldown. Finally, causing debuffs grants Glory, increasing firearm ATK.

Thunder Cage

Thunder Cage in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 24
    • Fire Rate: 666
    • Reload Time: 1.4 seconds
    • Overcharge: Defeating an enemy unleashes an electric shockwave, dealing firearm ATK to nearby enemies within 3 meters.

While Thunder Cage is primarily known for its enjoyable gameplay, there may be instances where it falls behind other weapons, especially in battles against a single enemy with a high health pool. However, the gun boasts a desirable Fire Rate and ATK stat, allowing it to deal significant damage and remain competitive.

The true value of the gun is revealed when using it to land the finishing blow on an enemy. This activates Overcharge, which releases an electric shockwave that inflicts damage to all enemies within a 3-meter radius. This feature proves to be incredibly effective for clearing out large groups of enemies, making it a valuable weapon to have on missions.

Enduring Legacy

Enduring Legacy in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 28
    • Fire Rate: 571
    • Reload Time: 2.7 seconds
    • Craftsmanship: On hitting an enemy, increase Status effect Trigger Rate corresponding to the element (Fire/Chill/Electric/Toxic) and inflict the unique ability Quenching to the target. On hitting a Burned enemy, increase Firearm ATK and apply this buff to the attack.

In The First Descendant, Machine Guns are consistently effective. Enduring Legacy is no different, as it boasts a high Fire Rate and ATK stat, resulting in competitive damage. While the slow reload time can be a hindrance in dense mob areas, it is a reasonable trade-off for its strong performance.

The Craftsmanship perk greatly enhances the power of this gun for Descendants who utilize elemental damage in their abilities. Freyna is a reliable option and triggering quenching only further amplifies her effectiveness in most battles.

Albion Cavalry Gun

Albion Cavalry Gun in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 30
    • Fire Rate: 451
    • Reload Time: 2.5 seconds
    • Cavalry: After hitting a stunned enemy, increase Firearm ATK. Hitting a Critical Hit on a stunned enemy inflicts stun.

Although our top choice for Ajax in most scenarios is the Albion Cavalry Gun, it is also an A-Tier selection for other Descendants in the game. Despite having a slower Fire Rate compared to other Machine Guns, it delivers a powerful impact.

The Cavalry’s exceptional skill involves a stacking buff that rapidly escalates damage output. This effect boosts the overall Firearm ATK of stunned enemies, which would be quite limited in its usefulness if the gun did not also have the ability to stun enemies after a Critical Hit.

Blue Beetle

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 62
    • Fire Rate: 199
    • Reload Time: 2 seconds
    • Arcane Wave: when using a Fusion skill, grants oneself the unique Arcane Energy with a set chance. Using a Singular skill grants the self the unique ability of Purification with a set chance.

The Blue Beetle remains the top-rated Scout Rifle in the game, making it an ideal choice for players utilizing Descendants with Singular and Fusion abilities. Its Arcane Wave Unique Ability provides beneficial enhancements for both, and fortunately, they are equally powerful.

As a firearm, it boasts a reasonable Fire Rate and ATK stat, making it user-friendly. However, if you desire a weapon that can stand alone, there are superior options available in the tier above. On the other hand, if you aim to seamlessly combine weapons and abilities, this could be a valuable addition to your strategy.

B-Tier Ultimate Weapons in The First Descendant

King’s Guard Lance

King's Guard Lance in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 16
    • Fire Rate: 545
    • Reload Time: 2.1 seconds
    • Guardian: Aiming activates Preview Mode. When firing while aiming, deploys the unique ability Guardian Lance on the terrain, dealing constant damage to enemies and consuming a set amount of ammo upon deployment. Hitting Guardian Lance increases duration and range.

Undeniably the most visually appealing weapon in the game, King’s Lance may occasionally fall short in terms of performance. Its base ATK stat is relatively low compared to its immediate rivals, but its solid Fire Rate is sufficient to maintain competitive DPS.

While the AoE effect of Guardian is undeniably enjoyable to utilize, it may not be as immediately effective as Thunder Cage in clearing adds. Nevertheless, its range and duration boost are sufficient to warrant its place in this tier; however, further upgrades to its offensive capabilities are necessary for it to truly showcase its effectiveness.

Piercing Light

Piercing Light in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 404
    • Fire Rate: 48
    • Reload Time: 2.6 seconds
    • Purification of Light: On hitting a Weak Point, inflicts Dispel on the enemy with a set chance. When two or more enemies are hit by a single shot, there is a high chance to land a Critical Hit on the enemies while also increasing Critical Damage and applying this buff to the attack.

The initial Sniper Rifle listed is considered the most versatile. Like all Snipers, it boasts an incredibly high base ATK stat, capable of effectively halting most adversaries. Regrettably, it shares similar drawbacks commonly found in other weapons of this category.

One of the main challenges is the limited availability of ammunition for Snipers and Shotguns. This can greatly hinder various tasks, although using Piercing Light may be a reasonable choice when facing a boss with a significant amount of health.

Wave of Enlightenment

Wave of Light in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 76
    • Fire Rate: 249
    • Reload Time: 2.2 seconds
    • Splendor: After reloading, it grants the unique ability of Solar Halo. On hitting an enemy while Solar Halo is active, inflict Lunar Halo on the target enemy with a set chance.

It is challenging to promote Scout Rifles in the current meta, however, Wave of Light stands out as a strong choice within this category. Its high base ATK stat is on par with other similar weapons, and it offers a comfortable and user-friendly experience.

Despite its potential to be mind-blowing, the Solar/Lunar Halo combination falls short due to the underwhelming performance of its first half. While Lunar Halo successfully reduces enemy regeneration by 50% on hit, the critical strike buff and lower recoil offered by Solar Halo do not significantly contribute to its effectiveness.

Afterglow Sword

Afterglow Sword in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 240
    • Fire Rate: 66
    • Reload Time: 2.5 seconds
    • Nightmare Reaper: on hitting an enemy’s weak point, inflicts unique ability Death Propagation. On hitting an enemy commander or Colossi, increase firearm critical hit rate and apply the effect to the attack.

The Afterglow Sword, despite its misleading name, is a highly effective Sniper Rifle that requires skilled hands to be truly effective. It is specifically designed for battles against the game’s most challenging bosses, so it is not worth including in your arsenal unless you anticipate such a formidable opponent.

Using Death Propagation can be a great choice if mastered properly. Its benefits include faster reload and increased damage on vulnerable areas. Therefore, if you are able to consistently hit your shots, your outgoing DPS will greatly improve, creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.


  • Stats:
    • ATK: 20
    • Fire Rate: 150
    • Reload Time: 1.6 seconds
    • Fearlessness: On hitting the enemy with all bullets, increase the Firearm Critical Hit rate and Firearm Critical Hit Damage of this attack. Upon landing a Critical Hit on an enemy, grants the Firearm’s unique ability Amplification.

Smithereens, as its name implies, is a Shotgun created for the purpose of obliterating enemies in close combat. Similar to the Executor mentioned earlier, this weapon is most effective for agile individuals who can swiftly and securely approach enemies. Descendants who are weaker and slower may struggle to enter the optimal range for this gun.

While Smithereens may not be the most reliable weapon, especially compared to the availability of Executor, it can still be a decent choice in a desperate situation. The Fearlessness perk may be difficult to activate, as even missing one bullet will prevent it from triggering. However, the base damage it offers is still reasonable enough to consider using as a last resort.

Restored Relic

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 230
    • Fire Rate: 60
    • Reload Time: 2.5 seconds
    • Ancient Technique: Fires a Guided Round with a set chance. On hitting an enemy with a Guided Round, inflicts Ancient Fire to the target enemy with a set chance.

The initial aspect to note about Restored Relic is its potential to deal significant damage in optimal situations. However, Launchers have tended to feel somewhat awkward in the beginning stages of the game, especially when faced with a large number of opponents.

The Ancient Technique perk is highly valuable as it both inflicts and boosts Fire damage. If you have Blair on your team, it becomes an even more compelling choice. Additionally, the Guided Round can be frustrating at first, but once you master it, it becomes a powerful tool. Be prepared for a bit of a learning curve with it.

C-Tier Ultimate Weapons in The First Descendant

Sigvore’s Proof

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 4404
    • Fire Rate: 79
    • Reload Time: 2.8 seconds
    • Mad Bomber: Fires a Sticky Bomb when shooting while aiming. The Launched bomb will automatically detonate after a certain period of time. When aim is canceled, the attachment bombs will detonate at the same time. Sticky Bombs inflict Burn.

Although it may seem regrettable to place Sigvore’s Proof in the lower tier, it truly seems that perfect circumstances are necessary to fully utilize its potential. The standout feature of this weapon is the Mad Bomber perk, which enables players to launch multiple sticky bombs.

When used efficiently, all of these can be detonated simultaneously, resulting in massive damage if activated at the perfect moment. However, in the meta, it feels odd using this strategy over more reliable sources of damage. Sigvore’s Proof can be compared to putting all your eggs in one basket, and if you make a mistake, it becomes almost useless.

The Final Masterpiece

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 19
    • Fire Rate: 499
    • Reload Time: 1.1 seconds
    • Masterpiece: After reloading, grants one of three unique abilities at random. If the granted effect is the same as the existing effect, the effect stage is increased. If a different effect is granted, the effect stage is reset to Stage 1.

Despite its Unique Ability, The Final Masterpiece remains a competitive Handgun that still maintains a traditional feel, setting it apart from many others on this list. However, with its Unique Ability, it also adds a bit of an entertaining twist.

Despite potentially being the most exciting moment of the day’s play if it succeeds, the unpredictable aspect of the Masterpiece perk makes it impossible to depend on its results. This inconsistency is especially noticeable in a game where even small details can have a significant impact.

Greg’s Reversed Fate

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 33
    • Fire Rate: 342
    • Reload Time: 1.4 seconds
    • Shaping Destiny: On hitting an enemy with a Max Shield, proc Bombardment on the enemy’s location with a set chance. Inflict Burn on enemies hit by Bombardment.

Despite having a comical name, the weapon on this list is far from a joke. This Tactical Rifle is a dependable and hard-working gun, featuring a Burn proc that can be advantageous if utilized consistently.

One major downside of Greg’s Reversed Fate is its poor handling, especially when affected by the gun’s intrinsic effect. While it can be useful for initiating a boss fight due to its Bombardment against enemies with maximum shields, there are still superior alternatives available.

The Last Dagger

  • Stats:
    • ATK: 24
    • Fire Rate: 600
    • Reload Time: 1.2 seconds
    • Ultimatum: Defeating an enemy grants Patience. On hitting an enemy while at Max Stacks, fires Enhanced Rounds. On hitting an enemy with Enhanced Rounds, the Patience effect is reset, and the enemy is stunned.

Although The Last Dagger is a fairly standard gun, it is enhanced by its unique ability, Ultimatum. This ability bestows the Patience buff upon defeating an opponent, increasing both Critical Strike chance and Fire damage. Once again, Blair would benefit most from this feature.

The baseline improvement provided by this effect is not particularly noteworthy and requires significant stacking in order to maximize its benefits. While the additional stun can be useful, there are other firearms that are more proficient in this aspect.

Fallen Hope

Fallen Hope in The Final Descendant
  • Stats:
    • ATK: 27
    • Fire Rate: 600
    • Reload Time: 1.7 seconds
    • Perdition: On hitting a Poisoned enemy, increase Firearm ATK. On defeating a Poisoned enemy, the defeated enemy will trigger an Explosion with a certain chance, inflicting additional damage and Poison to nearby enemies.

The last gun on this list seems to have been specifically tailored for Freyna. It is not suitable for anyone who is not a Descendant, and therefore cannot be recommended. This Assault Rifle is particularly ineffective against large groups of enemies and does not excel against bosses either.

The Unique Ability of Fallen Hope provides beneficial Poison effects, but it is only useful when paired with Freyna and not worth bringing on its own.

This is the comprehensive tier list of the ultimate weapons in The First Descendant.

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