The Next FIFTY FIFTY? Rookie K-pop Boy Group Tops US’ Radio Charts

Just announced, “Choke”by up-and-coming K-pop boy group 82MAJOR has claimed the top spot on Digial Radio Tracker’s Top 150 independent airplay chart. This achievement marks another success for the group, who made their debut last year and have now become the latest K-pop act to dominate the US radio charts, following in the footsteps of FIFTY FIFTY.


Prior to this, 82MAJOR had an impressive performance, securing the top spot on the US iTunes K-pop chart with their songs “Choke”and “Choke”Sped Up version. Recognized as a “Radio Rising Star”by hip-hop magazine ‘The Source’, they continue to expand their global presence, receiving coverage from numerous international media outlets.

Despite being a newcomer to the American music market, 82MAJOR is already making waves. Most notably, they were featured on the digital cover of ‘The Hype Magazine’, a popular American hip-hop publication. These accomplishments are highly uncommon for a new K-pop idol group and bode well for their future success.


After hearing about this, K-netizens are drawing comparisons between 82MAJOR and FIFTY FIFTY, as both are newly established groups from lesser-known companies with popular songs in the US.

The following are comments from internet users about 82MAJOR’s most recent accomplishment:

  • I believe they will also gain popularity. After viewing their music video, I was captivated by their sensational performance and even mistook them for models. I ended up rewatching it multiple times.
  • I watched the music video and it was really really trendy and the members’ styling felt like street models. It’s likely that they will become the next small company miracle
  • The music video and style are really cool. It’s the trendiest thing I’ve come across lately.
  • Wah, will FIFTY FIFTY’s level of virality happen again, I hope so
  • This group’s songs are good, but their stages are next-level as well

The source of this information is from Instiz and Daum.

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