The Public Is Getting Tired of HYBE & ADOR Dispute

The ongoing conflict between HYBE and ADOR regarding the control of the label continues to dominate media coverage. As reported by the Korea Newspaper Association, the subject has been extensively discussed in over 1270 articles during the final days of April. However, the public has grown weary of this drawn-out disagreement without any resolution in sight.

The ongoing attacks between both sides

Despite the lengthy duration of the conflict, both HYBE and ADOR are still engaged in a blame game and attempting to win public support through unrelated accusations and revelations. Consequently, numerous netizens are now wishing for a resolution to be reached silently in court.

min hee jin bang si hyuk

According to Cultural Professor Lee Gyu-tag, the ongoing frustration in this dispute is the constant emergence of rumors. He points out that the general public does not have access to the most reliable source of information, and the situation is exacerbated by the involvement of individuals with no knowledge or involvement in the music industry. It is important to note that the root of this conflict is not music, but a multitude of other issues.

He emphasized that both HYBE and ADOR cannot remain quiet as they must demonstrate their legal compliance. Even if Min Hee-jin is terminated, HYBE must continue to expand and Min Hee-jin has her own career to consider. Therefore, HYBE must justify their decision to remove her from the CEO position, while Min Hee-jin must highlight the unfair treatment from HYBE.

Currently, there appears to be a strong public preference for ADOR, with 33.6% of 1030 surveyed individuals siding with Min Hee-jin and only 24.6% showing support for HYBE. Following Min Hee-jin’s press conference, both ADOR and HYBE have adjusted their strategies to align with the public sentiment even further.

What will happen next?

Min Hee Jin

Despite the high likelihood of Min Hee-jin being dismissed after the end-of-month shareholder meeting, the female CEO has filed a complaint requesting limitations on HYBE’s voting rights during the meeting. If the court approves Min Hee-jin’s request at the interrogation on May 17th, HYBE will not have the immediate ability to terminate her. This suggests that Min Hee-jin has taken thorough measures to defend against HYBE’s actions.

According to an expert’s analysis, Min Hee-jin has taken legal action for the first time through her legal representative and appears to have gathered sufficient evidence. However, it will not be a simple task to limit HYBE’s rights, as the female CEO must demonstrate a “special circumstance”that prompted her to pursue such restrictions.

Even after being fired, she still has the option to pursue other legal courses of action to overturn the shareholders’ decision. However, she must still present valid and logical justifications for doing so.

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