These ‘core memory’ popcorn buckets for Inside Out 2 are going viral

On June 14, 2024, Inside Out 2 was released in theatres, much to the delight of fans. This highly anticipated sequel continued to follow the adventures of Riley and her friends, providing an exciting new movie experience.

Ever since Fandango revealed their popcorn bucket designed to resemble the control panel inside Riley’s head, which is a significant setting in the movie, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding these themed popcorn buckets.

The control panel tray also includes a cup holder, cleverly referencing the film’s trailer.

Although this wholesome popcorn bucket is the ideal accompaniment to a visit to see the highly anticipated film, it may prove difficult for people to obtain. This specific item was only available at the world premiere and is no longer in stock. However, this does not mean that customers of any age cannot still enjoy a novelty item along with their movie ticket.

A family’s unboxing video of a unique ‘core memory’ popcorn bucket, inspired by Inside Out 2, has gone viral on TikTok.


Inside out 2 mystery core memory pop corn buckets!

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The design of this bucket resembles a colorful orb, mirroring the concept of Riley’s core memories in the movie. Upon opening the green orb, you will find a reusable cup adorned with the emotion characters and a figurine of one of them that can be attached to the cup.

Not only do these adorable popcorn buckets come with a lid to keep your popcorn fresh during the entire movie, but the video also reveals that each bucket contains a different character. This means there are a total of eight collectible figures, each representing an emotion from the film.

These popcorn orbs have the added feature of lighting up, making them a highly sought-after collectible for fans of all ages. In the comments section, people were ecstatic about the core memory mystery popcorn buckets and some even expressed that they had never wanted anything so badly in their lives.

The Anger-themed popcorn bucket can be obtained at Regal theatres for those planning to watch Inside Out 2, while supplies last. Alternatively, AMC theatres also have these popcorn buckets available while stocks last.

Currently making a splash in cinemas, Inside Out 2 has surpassed two of the most popular films of 2024 in terms of box office success.

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