This ‘Queen of Tears’ Star Shares She Almost Debuted as K-pop Idol: ‘DSP Media Trainee…’

During an interview, the stunning up-and-coming actress shared that she had considered joining a well-known K-pop girl group under DSP Media before pursuing a career in acting.

As a result of the widespread popularity of the popular TVN drama, “Queen of Tears,”talented actress Lee Joo Bin has been garnering increasing admiration from the public every day.

Despite her remarkable acting abilities, Joo Bin is also receiving widespread recognition for her exceptional beauty, leaving fans to contemplate if her career would have been even more successful had she chosen to pursue her original dream of becoming a K-pop idol.

A post shared by instagram

A post shared by instagram

Specifically, her stunning appearance was so captivating that her ID photo, which she shared on her social media, was used without her consent for multiple purposes.

Netizens would assume the identity of Joo Bin by using her ID photo, and as a result, she was summoned to court for identity theft.

Despite her impact, K-pop fans expressed regret that if she had debuted as an idol, she would have most likely been just as popular as Jang Wonyoung or aespa Karina, thanks to her AI-like visuals.

In a recent interview, Lee Joo Bin shared that she was a member of DSP’s pre-debut girl group, which eventually became known as Rainbow. The group, which debuted in 2009, is recognized as a second-generation team and is best known for their popular song, “A.”

Lee Joo Bin explained that she became a DSP Media trainee after receiving a casting offer from the label while she was in high school. She passed the audition and began her training with the company.

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As she clarified:

“I wasn’t that talented in singing or dancing.”

Although she didn’t explicitly say it, she hinted at having top-tier visuals that could overshadow any flaws. As a result, she spent every day daydreaming about debuting alongside the other members she had been practicing with.

As time went by, she enrolled in college and made the decision to leave her two-year trainee life at DSP Media.

Despite Lee claiming that she lacked the necessary skills and was too old to be an idol, it is worth noting that three members of Rainbow who debuted with her were actually one year older than her, being born in 1989.

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Rainbow Jisook
(Photo : Instagram: @jisook718)

She added that her intense passion for becoming an actress was the main factor behind her decision to give up on pursuing her dream of becoming an idol.

Despite her determination, her transition was not without challenges. Prior to securing acting roles, she relied on modeling as a source of income until she finally landed her breakthrough role in the 2018 series, “Love Is Jungle.”

Ever since, she has solidified her reputation as actress Lee Joo Bin through her impressive performances in popular titles such as “Mr. Sunshine,””Be Melodramatic,””She Would Never Know,””Money Heist”and “Queen of Tears.”

Despite taking a different route, the actress revealed that she continued to maintain a strong bond with the Rainbow members and stated:

“Looking back, I think I practiced hard because I was close with the members rather than because I really dreamed of becoming a singer.”

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