THIS SM Entertainment Artist Criticized for ‘Below Average’ Looks in Pre-Debut Photos

Despite being an artist under SM Entertainment, THIS particular individual became the subject of ridicule within the online community due to his perceived “below average”looks in comparison to other idols in the same agency.

On June 7, a netizen posted pre-debut photos of NCT WISH member Kim Daeyoung, also known as Jaehee, on Nate Pann.

The pictures seemed to be taken during his high school graduation, displaying his appearance before he became a celebrity.

The article received about 150k views upon being posted, sparking interest among many K-netz and K-pop fans.

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Upon viewing the images, several internet users were taken aback by the noticeable contrast in Jaehee’s appearance before and after.

The blog contained hurtful comments that labeled him as “ordinary”and “below average,”and questioned SM Entertainment’s decision to debut someone with his appearance. This was surprising, as the label is known for producing groups with no weaknesses in terms of visuals.

Upon learning of his acceptance as a trainee at the company, they remained doubtful and even made fun of how SM’s standards had seemingly dropped, insinuating that the label now allows anyone to join regardless of their appearance.

  • “Please share your plastic surgery doctor. It’s god’s hand.”
  • “No, is it possible for someone with a face that is below average to be selected as a trainee and debut as a celebrity? Should I do it too?”
  • “They criticize female idols about their looks, but they suck at male idols even if they are ugly.”
  • “No, I’m even more surprised that a kid like that thought of becoming an idol. Seriously, I think he’d do street karaoke.”
  • “I’m not being sarcastic, I’m serious. How do people like that get cast? There has to be something better than the average person. It really dawns on me that kids who were worse than me in school will sweep up all the wealth and fame.”
  • “These days, anyone can become an idol.”

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Upon witnessing this, NCTzens swiftly came to Jaehee’s defense and shared photos as evidence of his consistent handsomeness. They also noted that he appeared even more dashing after debuting, likely due to the benefits of being an idol.

Despite fans’ claims that he underwent plastic surgery, it was actually his weight loss and dedication to a healthy diet that resulted in his current appearance.

Finally, supporters of Jaehee retaliated and ridiculed netizens who claimed that they could also join SM with “average”looks. They argued that the male idol was chosen not just for his looks, but also for his exceptional vocal abilities, which not everyone possesses.

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  • “It just looks like he really dieted a lot.”
  • “I think it’s just a matter of weight loss, management, and styling.”
  • “Still, he puts in a lot of effort, so can you please look at him kindly?”
  • “I searched to see who this guy was, and considering he lost weight and had celebrity styling, he looks the same.”

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