TikTok model arrested for allegedly hacking ex’s phone & leaking new girlfriend’s photos

TikTok fitness model Stefi Cohen has reportedly been taken into custody for allegedly accessing her ex-boyfriend’s private accounts and sharing explicit photos of his current girlfriend without consent.

Stefi Cohen, also known as Stefanie Cohen Magarici on TikTok and Instagram, is a highly accomplished powerlifter and professional boxer who holds multiple world records and has a strong social media presence with nearly two million followers.

Despite the influencer’s previous reign online, it appears that their time in the spotlight has come to a permanent halt after Cohen was arrested by Miami-Dade Police on four charges.

The offenses that were encompassed were sexual cyber-harassment, crimes against computer users, criminal damage, and resisting arrest without the use of force.

Stefi Cohen mugshot
Miami-Dade Corrections

Stefi Cohen’s mugshot after she was arrested in Miami.

The event occurred in 2022 on March 21, as reported by NBC Miami. The arrest report stated that Cohen allegedly obtained unauthorized access to her ex-boyfriend’s laptop by guessing commonly used passwords, which had been left at her house.

After hacking into his Apple iCloud account, she discovered explicit photos of his current partner. According to the report, Cohen had saved and redistributed these images through online group chats that the victim was involved in, with the intention of exposing and humiliating her.

When Cohen was approached by the police, she resisted arrest. This involved trying to kick at an officer’s feet and using her toes to disable the locking system of the police vehicle. Despite her attempts, Cohen was still taken to jail.

She was recently given a $3,300 bond and her next court appearance is scheduled for June 27. Although her Instagram account is now private, she commented on a post about her arrest on a Miami news page’s Instagram page to defend herself and refute all accusations made against her.

“Cohen wrote that anyone can be falsely accused of a crime and arrested, and these were only allegations made by a vengeful ex-boyfriend. He reassured that they were only allegations and that they will fight them every step of the way. Stay tuned for updates!”

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