TikTok Tests Massive Change to Video Size Limit and Users Aren’t Convinced

TikTok is embarking on a new phase of content creation, experimenting with the feature that allows users to upload videos that have never been seen on the platform before.

TikTok was introduced to the Chinese market in September 2016, joining the wide array of social media platforms and swiftly becoming a favorite due to its brief video style.

At launch, users were only able to upload 15-second videos, but over the years, the limit has been steadily increasing. Currently, the maximum duration for videos on TikTok is 3 minutes. However, there have been instances where users were able to post up to 10 minutes of content, and there was even a trial for a 15-minute option.

TechCrunch has verified that TikTok is experimenting with a new limit that is more similar to YouTube’s format, which would enable select users to upload videos lasting up to 60 minutes.

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Social media expert Matt Navarra was the first to notice the alteration in the format of the platform and he shared this news on Instagram’s newest text app, Threads. In his post, Navarra included a screenshot from TikTok which stated, “Users can now upload videos up to 60 minutes in length!”

When TechCrunch contacted TikTok for verification, they were informed that the significant increase in time limit was a deliberate decision to allow creators to explore new or extended forms of content with greater flexibility.

A 60-minute restriction would eliminate the need for creators to upload multiple parts for their stories and enable them to produce longer content, similar to what is found on YouTube.

Although the latest update is still being tested, users have already started to react to the new feature, with the overall consensus being that the change is deemed “unnecessary.”

“One person questioned the demand for Navarra’s Threads post, exclaiming “That’s so insane!”They also added, “Fifteen minutes is considered the high end for short form content. I remember the days when YouTube had a 10-minute limit, and that already felt long!”

Another user confessed, “I don’t hold my phone to watch a 60-minute TikTok video. I rarely watch 10-minute videos until the end.”A third user concurred and stated, “The video would have to be extremely captivating for me to watch it in its entirety!”

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