TikToker stuns viewers after discovering bizarre airplane bathroom

Viewers were left stunned after a plane passenger shared a viral TikTok showcasing the ‘unusual’ location of the flight’s bathroom.

DowineLive, a TikToker and avid traveler with a following of more than 293,000, used his platform to reveal the unconventional location of the restroom on a Lufthansa flight.

In his video, he mentioned that the airplane was a typical commercial one and not a double-decker, but pointed out that the bathroom was located downstairs. He was seen standing in the aisle of the plane.

The content creator then positioned the camera towards a staircase that led to a room with multiple bathroom stalls. “Isn’t that amazing?”he exclaimed, as he opened one of the doors to show the bathroom.

The traveler noted in the caption of the 28-second clip, which has gained widespread attention with nearly 5 million views and over 234,000 likes, that this was the first time they had witnessed this on a plane – a Lufthansa A340-600.


I’ve never seen this on a plane before. Lufthansa A340-600

♬ original sound – DownieLive

As reported by One Mile At A Time, the bathrooms on the lower level of the aircraft are equipped with a gate by the stairs to ensure passengers do not trip or fall while using them.

The unique bathroom design caught the attention of numerous TikTok users in the comments. One person commented, “That’s really cool, to be honest.”Another stated, “I’ve traveled extensively and never come across something like that before.”

“I have only ever flown on an Airbus, so this seems like a luxury to me,”one person shared. Another chimed in, saying, “I love it! I would feel more comfortable using a bathroom in a proper lavatory space.”

Some, on the other hand, expressed worries about the potential obstacles the bathroom placement could create for passengers using wheelchairs. One user commented, “Unfortunately, this airplane lacks accessibility.”

“Concerns were also raised about the accessibility of this, with one person asking, “What about individuals who use wheelchairs?”Another person shared, “This is cool, but I’m just wondering.”A third individual expressed their condolences, saying, “My thoughts go out to those who rely on wheelchairs.”

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