Tips for Gaining XP during Diablo 4 Mother’s Blessing Week

The Mother’s Blessing event is back in Diablo 4, offering players the chance to enter Sanctuary and boost their XP gains and Gold for nearly a week. Read on to learn how to efficiently farm XP during this event.

With the official launch of Mother’s Blessing in Diablo 4, Wanderers can now gain XP and Gold at a 35% accelerated rate, although this boost is only available for a limited time. This presents an ideal opportunity to gather as many resources as possible during Season 4.

To make the most of the Mother’s Blessing week in Diablo 4, follow these steps to maximize your XP gains.

Diablo 4: When Will Mother’s Blessing Begin?

The Diablo 4 Mother’s Blessing event began on June 6, 2024, and will conclude on June 20, 2024. This event provides players with a bonus to help them complete Season 4’s Battle Pass, progress in their Season Journey, and level up multiple characters.

If you want to check if Mother’s Blessing weekend is still in effect, simply look for the in-game icon above your experience bar. This icon indicates that you can still receive a boost in XP and Gold.

Best way to farm XP in Diablo 4 Mother’s Blessing

Diablo 4 Lilith
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Mother’s Blessing week gives you massive XP buffs in Diablo 4.

During Mother’s Blessing Week in Diablo 4, the following methods are highly effective in maximizing XP gains:

  • Farming Nightmare Dungeons, Helltides, and The Pit
  • Using the Urn of Experience
  • Using Elixirs to boost XP gain

In Diablo 4’s Mother’s Blessing, you will receive a significant 35% increase in your XP and gold gain rate. It is crucial to take advantage of this chance to accumulate as much XP as you can and earn Paragon Points to greatly improve your builds.

Transitioning to World Tier 4 is always beneficial, as it provides a significant 200% increase in XP. Remember to factor in Mother’s Blessing, which adds an additional bonus, resulting in all XP stacking on top of it in Diablo 4.

Now that you have reached World Tier 4, utilizing the Urn of Experience and Elixirs can further enhance your XP gains on top of the already increased numbers. With these boosts in place, you are prepared to face challenging foes in Nightmare Dungeons, Helltides, and The Pit.

Players who engage in The Pit will reap even greater rewards, as the abundance of enemies and challenging bosses will yield a significant amount of gold and XP. This makes it the ideal location for farming Masterworking materials during Season 4.

In addition, you have the option to face high-tier NMDs as they will have substantially higher levels than your character. This means that every enemy, particularly the final bosses in the Dungeons, will award a considerable amount of XP per run.

Take advantage of this Diablo 4 event to grind and level up multiple seasonal characters in Season 4. It’s the ideal opportunity to maximize your progress, so make sure you don’t miss out.

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