Tokyo Revengers: Which Arc Will Season 4 Adapt?

Fans of rebellious anime can celebrate, as Tokyo Revengers has officially been renewed for a fourth season. Here’s all the current information we have about the upcoming season.

The anime adaptation of Ken Wakui’s popular shonen manga Tokyo Revengers premiered in 2021 to widespread acclaim. Combining elements of time travel and delinquent youth, the series follows Hanagaki Takemichi as he journeys back in time to rescue his former girlfriend.

The anime series enjoyed immense success in its first season, leading to a second season in Winter 2023. The third season, Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku Arc, was then released in October of the same year.

The fourth season of the series was officially announced on June 16, 2024, accompanied by a teaser and key visual. This has raised the question of which arc will be adapted in Tokyo Revengers Season 4 and when it will be released. Here’s what we currently know.

Tokyo Revengers Season 4 Adaptation Arc

The upcoming season of Tokyo Revengers will cover the Bonten Arc and Three Deities Arc from the manga.

The Bonten Arc spans only 21 chapters, which translates to approximately seven episodes for the anime adaptation. This enables the series to move into the final phase of the story, beginning with the Three Deities Arc.

The initial season of Tokyo Revengers consisted of 24 episodes, with two subsequent sequels of 13 episodes each. It is likely that the fourth season will also consist of 13 episodes, however, it is uncertain at this time. Depending on the structure of the upcoming arcs, the season may also extend beyond 13 episodes.

As of the present moment, the fourth season of Tokyo Revengers has been titled “The Sequel,”which breaks the trend of the anime naming each season after the arc it adapts. This serves as another indication that the upcoming sequel will cover multiple story arcs from the manga.

The upcoming fourth season will continue with the Bonten Arc, immediately following the events of Season 3. Following the death of Kisaki, Takemichi revealed his time leap power to Mikey, resulting in the dissolution of Toman.

Upon returning to the present, Takemichi is overjoyed to discover that everything has fallen into place just as he had hoped. Not only is Hinata alive, but their wedding is also on the horizon. Furthermore, the entire Toman gang has left their delinquent ways behind and have become law-abiding citizens.

Despite the initial joy, Takemichi soon notices that one person is absent from the group. It doesn’t take long for him to realize that Mikey is no longer a member and is now the leader of Bonten, the largest criminal group in Japan.

The Three Deities Arc continues the events of its predecessor and chronicles Takemichi’s quest to travel back in time once more, driven by his unwavering determination to save Mikey from his own downfall.

Release Date for Tokyo Revengers Season 4

Despite the lack of an announced release date, production for Tokyo Revengers Season 4 is currently underway. It is possible that a release window for the anime may be revealed in 2025.

The confirmation of the streaming service for the fourth season is still pending.

The debut season of the anime can be streamed on Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Prime Video, but subsequent seasons are exclusively available on Disney+ and Hulu. Therefore, Season 4 may potentially be available on any of these platforms.

“As of now, this is the extent of our knowledge on Tokyo Revengers Season 4. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available about the upcoming anime. In the meantime, check out our recommendations for One Punch Man Season 3, Oshi no Ko Season 2, and Tower of God Season 2 to help you decide on your next watch.”

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