Top 10 Manga that Should Have Never Been Canceled

Have you ever had the thought that a particular manga should not have been discontinued, even though it ultimately was?

Despite being a common experience, feeling this way can often make us feel isolated. In today’s digital age, there is an overwhelming number of manga available, making the competition fierce. Unfortunately, this means that many great manga are cancelled before they have a chance to fully develop and showcase their potential.

Therefore, I have carefully selected and compiled this list to discuss manga that deserved to continue. Without wasting any more time, let us now explore the Top 10 Manga that Should Have Never Been Canceled.

10. Exploring the Time Paradox with the Ghostwriter

time paradox ghostwriter manga
Time Paradox Ghostwriter | Source: Viz Media

Despite facing continuous rejections, Teppei Sasaki, an aspiring mangaka, makes the decision to give up. However, his fortunes change when lightning strikes his apartment and he discovers a Shonen Jump issue from a decade ahead. This discovery gives Sasaki a glimmer of hope for his future.

Regrettably, Time Paradox Ghostwriter showed great potential, but it was abruptly discontinued after only 15 chapters. Some speculate that its exploration of plagiarism and mature themes may have caused its cancellation, as it was deemed unsuitable for its intended audience. Many feel that it was cancelled prematurely and given more time, it could have truly shone.

The Story of The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant

magical girl manga
The Magical Girl and Evil Lieutenant Used To Be Archenemies | Source: Official Website

As the leader of an evil organization, Mira’s ultimate objective is to annihilate and conquer. However, when her organization targeted Earth, Mira unexpectedly crossed paths with the courageous magical girl, Byakuya Mimori. Despite her initial intentions, Mira found herself deeply infatuated with Mimori.

Despite the author’s unfortunate passing, the manga was only able to have 21 chapters. Nevertheless, Studio Bones has chosen to produce an anime adaptation, set to release on July 9, 2024. It has already garnered high anticipation as one of the most highly anticipated summer anime of 2024.

8. Hell’s Kitchen

hells kitchen manga
Hell’s Kitchen | Source: Fandom

Dogma, the ruler of Hell, has grown weary of consuming the souls of pretentious chefs. In search of a genuine chef, he stumbles upon a middle school student named Satoru. With the intention of turning Satoru into a true chef, Dogma takes control of his body and begins to mold him into one.

Despite the ongoing arc showing promise, Hell’s Kitchen was cut short with only 53 chapters, much to the disappointment of readers. The sudden cancellation left everyone in the dark as to why it ended. Although a spin-off manga was released, it failed to gain momentum.

7th Issue of the Manga Series Robot x Laserbeam

Robot x Laserbeam | Source: Fandom

Despite his emotionless expressions and rigid mannerisms, Robato Hatohara was affectionately known as Robo. Tomoya Nakata, his closest friend, was a member of the school golf club. Despite Tomoya’s attempts to recruit Robo, he was unsuccessful. However, one day, a promising professional golfer observed Robo’s precise shots at a driving range and challenged him to a match. After the match, Robo was convinced to join the club.

Despite having decent sales, Robot x Laserbeam did not receive favorable rankings from WSJ and ultimately was canceled after a solid 62-chapter run. This outcome was not surprising, given that golf is not a particularly captivating sport for the intended audience.

6. Act-age

act age manga
Act-Age | Source: Viz Media

Despite facing financial struggles and limited opportunities, Kei Yonagi’s passion for acting began in her childhood and continued into her teenage years as she took on the role of the sole provider for her family. Despite facing numerous rejections, her persistence paid off when director Sumiji Kuroyama recognized her potential and gave her the chance she had been waiting for. However, the journey ahead is full of challenges and obstacles.

Regrettably, the author of Act-age, Tatsuya Matsuki, did not behave appropriately for his age and was arrested for sexual misconduct involving two junior high school girls. As a result of his reckless behavior, the highly praised manga was cancelled after only 123 chapters.

In addition, a live-action adaptation of Rurouni Kenshin was produced, along with a reboot anime. As some may know.

5 Baby Steps

Baby steps manga
Baby Steps | Source: Fandom

Eiichirou Marou’s decision to join a tennis club stemmed from a desire to improve his health. However, what began as a simple means of staying fit quickly turned into an all-consuming obsession. As he continued to play, Marou became increasingly fascinated by the sport of tennis. Without even realizing it, he developed his own distinctive playing style, relying more on intelligence than physical strength.

Despite being serialized for an impressive 10 years, Baby Steps was ultimately canceled after a successful 462-chapter run. The most disheartening aspect of its cancellation was that it was not the author’s choice, but rather the decision of the publisher. The author had expressed a desire to continue if possible, but unfortunately, it was abruptly brought to an end. The series has also been adapted into a live-action and 50-episode anime, spanning over 2 seasons.

. Somali and the Guardian of the Forest

Somali and the Guardian of the Forest | Source: IMDb

In a world where humans have been hunted to near extinction, a solitary golem stumbles upon a young human girl who is imprisoned in chains. Moved by compassion, the golem abandons its role as the Guardian of the Forest and sets out on a quest to reunite the girl, named Somali, with her long-lost parents.

Despite its childcare theme, this slice-of-life fantasy anime has received glowing reviews for its calming atmosphere. Sadly, due to the author’s ongoing health issues, Somali and the Guardian of the Forest was prematurely discontinued after only 39 chapters. However, the series was also adapted into an anime, which aired during the same time it was canceled.


Phantom expensive quantity
Phantom Seer | Source: Viz Media

The cancellation of Phantom Seer is particularly frustrating, especially when there are many below-average manga still being published in the magazine. With just a few more chapters, this action horror could have become a successful addition to Weekly Shonen Jump, as its sales were surprisingly high for a manga that only ran for 32 chapters before being cancelled.

Mama Yuyu

mamayuyu manga
MamaYuyu | Source: Viz Media

Despite Corleo being the hero of a peaceful world, the tranquility is disrupted with the arrival of a hero and a demon lord from another dimension. The first chapter of MamaYuyu left a lasting impression and garnered significant attention from readers worldwide due to its expertly crafted panels, stunning artwork, and captivating storyline.

Even though MamaYuyu was praised by both Jujutsu Kaisen’s author, Gege Akutami, and Chainsaw Man’s author, Tatsuki Fujimoto, its run was abruptly ended after only 29 chapters. This serves as a harsh reminder of the competitive nature and harsh realities of the manga industry.

P s y r e n

1 . Psyren

psychedelic manga
Psyren | Source: Viz Media

Despite receiving acclaim worldwide, many manga still face cancellation due to lackluster reception in their home country of Japan. Psyren, published in the late 2000s, was praised for its innovative power system and well-crafted world. However, despite initial expectations, it was ultimately cut short after 145 chapters as it was overshadowed by other popular action manga at the time.

Final Thoughts

In a perfect world, the fate of a manga would not be determined by its sales and popularity. Instead, a canceled manga would have the opportunity to be picked up by another magazine, allowing readers to continue enjoying their favorite series without fear of cancellation. Unfortunately, this is not the reality we live in. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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