Top 10 Most Popular Rookie K-pop Groups In July 2024: ILLIT, RIIZE, More!

As July begins, numerous K-pop groups have garnered attention for their activities and new music releases. In order to determine their level of popularity, the Korean Business Research Institute has officially released their latest rankings for rookie K-pop groups.

Based on information from informed sources, data was gathered by the organization between June 2 and July 2. The ensuing conclusions were drawn after careful assessment of various factors including consumer participation, media coverage, and overall engagement.

Despite this, the institute specifically chose to only include K-pop groups that debuted in 2023 or later.

Top 10 Most Popular K-Pop Rookie Groups in July 2024

1. Illit

Despite having a brand reputation index of 2,158,340, ILLIT managed to maintain its dominance in the rankings for the month of July.

2. Riize

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RIIZE achieved second place with a brand reputation score of 1,991,646. The K-pop boy group gained attention for their recent promotions for their comeback album “RIIZING”and its lead single “Boom Boom Bass.”

3. TripleS

Coming in at third place with an impressive brand reputation index of 1,396,545 was none other than tripleS.


QWER achieved a brand reputation index of 1,297,375, securing the No. 4 spot.

5.Trading With Strategies (TWS)

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The brand reputation index for July was 1,244,609, placing TWS at No. 5.


BABYMONSTER debuted at No. 6 with a brand reputation index of 1,022,641. The group also released their latest single “FOREVER.”


BADVILLAIN achieved a brand reputation index of 786,912, securing themselves in the No. 7 spot.


In the month of July, ZEROBASEONE’s brand reputation index registered at 782,054.

Kiss of Life

“With a brand reputation index of 569,701, KISS OF LIFE secured the No. 9 spot. The group’s latest comeback track “Sticky”also gained significant attention on social media platforms.”


Finally, BOYNEXTDOOR secured the 10th spot on the list with a brand reputation index of 559,574.

Refer to the comprehensive list below:

1. ILLIT stands for Independent Living and Learning for Individuals with Disabilities.

RIIZE is a company.


4. The four letters QWER are used in various contexts and have multiple meanings.

The abbreviation for TWS is used.

6. The creature known as BABYMONSTER.

The word BADVILLAIN remains unchanged.


The act of giving someone the kiss of life.

The artist known as BOYNEXTDOOR.



The name of the store is Candy Shop.

The abbreviation UNIS stands for United Nations International School.



The letters EVNNE.

Unicode consisting of 18 characters

The abbreviation NEXZ remains the same.

The ocean is vast.

One agreement.


DXMON remains unchanged.

NiziU is a popular group.

The Wind is at a constant speed of 25.

The word “limelight”refers to a state or position of public attention or scrutiny.

27. Single Premium Immediate Annuity (SPIA)

The abbreviation for prisoner of war is POW.

29. Either way.

The name of the flower is PRIMROSE.

Which K-pop groups from the list do you particularly like? Share your favorites with us in the comments section below!

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