Top 10 Night Wanderer Pokemon Cards

If you enjoy collecting unique Pokemon cards featuring full art designs, then 2024 is definitely a year to look forward to. The Pokemon TCG release schedule remains packed with numerous expansion sets, products, and special sets to keep an eye out for.

Night Wanderer continues the trend set by Twilight Masquerade’s DLC-inspired spectacle and offers a sneak peek into the potential of a Shrouded Fable experience for fans.

The cards featured in Pokemon TCG Night Wanderer have been ranked based on their competitive viability and potential long-term value for collectors. Below are 10 cards to keep an eye on.

Please be aware that the following paragraph contains a minor spoiler for the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet games. If you have not completed these games, we will be revealing the identity of a significant mystery character.

10. Iron Moth (009/064)

Iron Moth Pokemon card.
The Pokemon Company

Iron Moth (009/064) Pokemon card.

One of the most notable additions to a Future Deck from the Night Wanderer expansion set is the Iron Moth card. It is expected to gain significant attention from Paradox players due to its powerful Attacks.

The initial move, Suction, of Iron Moth inflicts 30 damage, while also restoring the same amount of damage to itself. Utilizing tactics such as clever ACE SPEC plays to increase your damage can guarantee a simple recovery when using this card.

Wild Rejector is a highly effective situational Attack when facing Ancient Pokemon. It has a damage output of 120, but it also has the added benefit of blocking all damage from Ancient Pokemon directed towards Iron Moth during your opponent’s turn.

9. Colress’s Tenacity (083/064)

Colress Pokemon card.
The Pokemon Company

Colress’s Tenacity (083/064) Pokemon card.

The unveiling of this Colress card caused quite a commotion, as fans of the character from Black 2 & White 2 felt that he had been overlooked. Various cards were shared online and fans were taken aback by the inclusion of Colress, eagerly sharing with others to see the new full art design.

This card captures his aesthetic flawlessly, with his gesturing hand slightly protruding over the border to give the impression of depth.

This card is also highly functional as it allows players to easily search their deck for a Stadium and an Energy card. Although they must shuffle their deck afterwards, it is a straightforward card that can efficiently prepare a deck.

No change needed.

Horsea Pokemon card.
The Pokemon Company

Horsea (067/064) Pokemon card.

While Night Wanderer caters to more than just art collectors, it does feature stunning full art cards worth admiring. This Horsea, in particular, is expected to be one of the most expensive full art cards in the set, so be sure to protect it with a sleeve if you happen to come across it.

Despite not being a very impressive card, it can still come in handy if you happen to own the Kingdra Special Illustration Collection. Its Ability allows you to heal 30 HP, which can be beneficial during the initial moments of a battle.

In addition to this, the value will increase solely due to the level of intricacy in the full art design. It is immersive and visually appealing, and it shows respect to a Pokemon that is often overlooked by the community.

Cassiopeia Constellation (091/064)

Cassiopeia Pokemon Trainer Card.
The Pokemon Company

Cassiopeia (091/064) Pokemon card.

Cassiopeia, also known as Penny by some players, is a well-known character from the game Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This card offers a unique perspective, immersing the viewer in her computer screen and featuring holofoil code scattered across the front.

To play this card, it must be the final one in your hand. Its effect allows you to search your deck for 2 cards and add them to your hand before shuffling. This Supporter’s usefulness may depend on the specific match, but it can serve as a valuable escape option in certain situations.

6. They sinned from (090/064)

They bought a Pokemon card.
The Pokemon Company

Pecharunt from (090/064) Pokemon card.

Similarly, just as Ogerpon held the spotlight in Twilight Masquerade, Pecharunt shines as the star in Night Wanderer.

The card’s intriguing Ability and Attack are bound to increase its popularity, but it would be remiss to not acknowledge the stunning, multi-dimensional artwork. Undoubtedly a treasure for art aficionados, this full art card has the potential to become one of the most prized possessions from the set.

Pecharunt ex possesses the Ability Chains of Command, enabling the player to switch a Benched Dark-type with Pecharunt ex. This action inflicts Poison on the targeted Pokemon, setting up the next listed card effectively. However, we will further discuss this in a moment.

Furthermore, Pecharunt ex possesses the Irritating Burst Attack, inflicting 60 damage and subsequently increasing it by an additional 60 damage for each Prize Card that your opponent has claimed. This ability effectively levels the playing field.

5. Okidogi from (036/064)

Okidogi Pokemon card.
The Pokemon Company

Okidogi ex (036/064) Pokemon card.

In Night Wanderer, there are multiple cards that possess distinct Abilities and Attacks designed around Special Conditions. One particularly intriguing card for competitive players is Okidogi ex, especially when paired with the Janine Supporter and Binding Mochi card.

Okidogi ex’s primary appeal lies in its powerful Attacks. With a base damage of 130, it is already a formidable force, but what sets it apart is its ability to deal an additional 130 damage if it is Poisoned. The card’s non-damaging Ability also allows players to search their deck for 2 Dark Energy cards and attach them to Okidogi ex, allowing for the setup of its devastating 260 damage attack.

Fans are sure to appreciate all of the Loyal Three cards in this exclusive set, but one card in particular stands out as a true gem.

4. The floor

Floor Pokemon card.
The Pokemon Company

Floor (072/064) Pokemon card.

It can be argued that REND is currently one of the most renowned artists in the Pokemon TCG community. Since the release of Mask of Change, their distinctive art style and exceptional talent have garnered them a devoted fan base online.

The community’s response to this Zorua upon its announcement was overwhelmingly positive. While it may not be a top choice for tournament play, it holds great value for those interested in collecting its artwork.

The holographic effect blends seamlessly with the near-photorealistic art style, resulting in an overall aesthetic that will surely appeal to fans of distinctive full art pieces.

3. Claim (076/064)

Claim Pokemon card.
The Pokemon Company

Claim (076/064) Pokemon card.

The Bewear card caused quite a stir on social media after its reveal, due to the oddly foreboding pose the character is portrayed in. One fan of the Pokemon franchise on X playfully inquired, “Why does that Bewear card exude such intimidating vibes?”

While it may be somewhat disconcerting, this card perfectly captures the dynamic energy of the Pokemon. Its stunning artwork, with its captivating lighting effects and depth, is sure to be a hit among collectors and resellers. Additionally, the card boasts a 130 damage Attack and a 30 damage Attack that allows for Energy movement.

2. Houndoom – Pokemon Trading Card Game (066/064)

Houndoom Pokemon card.
The Pokemon Company

Houndoom (066/064) Pokemon card.

The Houndoom Art Rare from the Night Wanderer special set is a truly impressive full art piece. Its intense and ominous nature perfectly captures the fierce aspect of this beloved Pokemon.

The primary appeal of this card lies in its powerful Snarl Attack, which inflicts 100 damage and reduces the damage of your opponent’s attacks by 100 during their turn. This unique damage mitigation ability has the potential to significantly impact the outcome of any Pokemon card game.

The card was met with great enthusiasm by fans when it was first announced, with one Reddit user describing it as “so badass”and another eagerly declaring, “This set is going to be amazing. I need to get my hands on that Houndoom immediately.”

1. Duskull Evolution Chain

Duskull, Dusclops, and Dusknoir Pokemon cards.
The Pokemon Company

Duskull (068/064), Dusclops (069/064), and Dusknoir (070/064) Pokemon cards.

Including three cards in the number one spot may be considered cheating, but it doesn’t seem fair to choose just one card from this trio. These cards are undeniably some of the most visually impressive in the Duskull evolution chain within the Pokemon TCG, even rivaling the iconic Duskull full art from Crown Zenith.

There are a variety of potent Abilities and Attacks available. One of Duskull’s moves, Meet Up, allows for the retrieval of 3 Discarded Duskull onto the bench, making it an excellent setup move.

Both Dusclops and Dusknoir share the Ability Cursed Bomb, which results in the user being Knocked Out. However, this also grants them the ability to strategically place either 5 or 13 Damage Counters on one of their opponent’s Pokemon. While this is a risky move, it can potentially turn the tide in a difficult battle.

For both collectors and competitive players, the Night Wanderer set is essential. The set offers a great potential for creating unique and innovative deck builds.

There will still be an Elite Trainer Box available, but there will also be additional Illustration Collections featuring new and impressive art styles.

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