Top 100 K-pop Male Idol Vocalists According To Fan Votes: BTS Jimin, V, More!

A social media platform X (Twitter) has recently concluded an online survey that featured the top vocalists in the K-pop industry of 2024.

Top 100 K-pop Male Idol Vocalists According to Fans in 2024

BTS Jimin: The Dancing King of K-pop

BTS Member: V

3. BTS Jungkook

4. BTS Jin

5. BTS J-Hope

ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo

7. TREASURE Junkyu

8. ENHYPEN Member Spotlight: Sunoo

Member Profile

9. ENHYPEN Member Profile: Heeseung

10. Astro MJ

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11. Hanbin TEMPEST

Sanha from ASTRO is number 12.

13. The name of the organization is ASTRO Rocky.

Ni-Ki is a member of ENHYPEN.

TEMPEST Hyuk is 15 years old.

Jungwon from ENHYPEN is 16 years old.

Sunghoon of ENHYPEN

Jay is a member of ENHYPEN.

The Rose Woosung is a popular choice.

Jake from the group ENHYPEN.

Yesung from Super Junior

Taemin from SHINee

Dojoon is the rose.

Jay from iKON.

Felix from Stray Kids

The treasure of Jeongwoo is 26.

SHINee’s Onew was the 27th member to join the group.

ATEEZ’s member Jongho.

29. Youngjae from GOT7

Bang Chan of Stray Kids

Jinyoung from GOT7

Jay B from GOT7 is 32 years old.

BIGBANG’s Taeyang.

34. The members of TEAM Maki

D.O from EXO is 35 years old.

36. TEAM Yuma

Yuta from NCT

Suho from EXO

Song Yunhyeong of iKON is 39 years old.

iKON’s JU-NE is 40 years old.

SEVENTEEN’s Seungkwan is 41 years old.

The name of the individual is Chen from the group EXO, who is well-known in the music industry.

Baekhyun from the group EXO.

Chanyeol from EXO

HORI7ON Vinci is a well-known brand.

The individual mentioned is Seungmin from Stray Kids.

Taeyong from NCT

SHINee’s Key is 48.

Jay Chang, ONEPACT 49

Donghun from A.C.E

Yugyeom from GOT7

Asahi is the treasure.

53. DK from iKON

Ten from NCT

Mark from NCT

I.N is a member of Stray Kids.

Han of Stray Kids

Jeonghan is SEVENTEEN’s seventeenth member.

Hongjoong from ATEEZ is 59 years old.

San from ATEEZ

Yunho from ATEEZ


Jaemin from NCT is 63 years old.

64. Bobby from iKON

65. EVNNE Yoo Seungeon

Chanwoo from iKON is 66 years old.

Taehyun sent a text message.

Hyunjin from Stray Kids.

Donghae from Super Junior is 69 years old.

NCT’s Jisung is 70 years old.

The8 is also known as SEVENTEEN’s member number 17.

Lee Know is a member of Stray Kids.

Kang Yuchan of ACE

Yunho from TVXQ is 74 years old.

ATEEZ’s Seonghwa, who is 75 years old.

Wooyoung from ATEEZ is 76th.

Seventeen Mingyu is 77.


Yeosang is a member of the K-pop group ATEEZ.

Jeno from NCT

Changbin of Stray Kids

G-Dragon of BIGBANG

Leeteuk is a member of the popular South Korean boy band Super Junior.

Beomgyu’s number is 84 in the TXT group.

85. Minho of SHINee

Kyuhyun from Super Junior

NCT’s first member is Taeil.

The name of the person is KIM WOOJIN.

BTOB’s Eunkwang is 89 years old.

90. Lee June of 2PM

91. Xiumin from EXO

Hoshi from SEVENTEEN, aged 17

Woozi of SEVENTEEN is 93 years old.

Changsub from BTOB is 94 years old.

95. T.O.P is a popular South Korean rapper and actor.

Yeonjun’s TXT debut was highly anticipated at the time of release.

Soobin is the TXT member.

98. Seventeen’s leader, S.Coups

Lucas is the name given to the person represented by the number 99.

Ryeowook is a member of the popular K-pop group, Super Junior.

Which singers from the list are your top picks? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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