Top Damage Characters in Star Wars: Hunters – Tier List

With six Damage characters to choose from, Star Wars: Hunters offers a tier list ranking all of them, complete with descriptions, to assist you in selecting the optimal option.

The highly anticipated release of Star Wars: Hunters on both mobile and Nintendo Switch has arrived, emphasizing the importance of assembling a strong team with diverse roles for success. Among these, damage characters play a crucial role and their simple yet effective abilities make them easy to excel with.

Listed below are the Damage units in Star Wars: Hunters, each with their respective abilities and additional information.

Star Wars: Hunters Damage Tier List

Currently, Star Wars: Hunters features a total of six Damage characters. Our tier list ranks them from greatest to least in terms of strength, with S representing the most powerful category and D representing the least powerful.

Tier Characters
S Rieve, Aran Tal
A Imara Vex
B Utooni, Diago

Top Damage Dealers in Star Wars: Hunters

The top Damage characters in Star Wars: Hunters are Rieve and Aran Tal, closely followed by Imara Vex who is known for her versatility.

C Tier – J-3DI

J-3DI in Star Wars Hunters

J-3DI’s passive is key to mastering his abilities.

J-3DI’s primary weapon is a lightsaber, requiring you to engage in close combat with your adversaries to defeat them. Considering the Hunter’s limited health, caution must be exercised when approaching enemies to avoid being defeated constantly.

J-3DI’s passive ability allows him to retrieve his own pieces and restore his health, but it can prove challenging amidst the frenzied battles of Star Wars: Hunters. Additionally, wielding a lightsaber gives him the advantage of deflecting most incoming projectiles and melee attacks, making it the standout feature of his kit.

B Tier – Utooni & Diego

Utooni in Star Wars Hunters

Utooni’s greatest advantage is their unpredictable nature. The Jawa duo is able to seamlessly alternate between two different weapons in order to surprise and attack their enemies. This, combined with their knock-back ability, can often catch opponents off guard. Additionally, the Ion Imploder is a valuable tool for Utooni and their allies, as it can gather all nearby enemies in one location, allowing for a swift defeat.

Despite Utooni’s Ultimate being slow and leaving the characters vulnerable to enemy attacks, there is a silver lining. When defeated, Utooni’s passive ability will cause a Sonic Grenade to be dropped, providing some benefit to the team.

Diago in Star Wars Hunters

Diago is a skilled character who wields a Slugthrower Rifle with a slow rate of fire that inflicts heavy damage. He is best suited for seasoned players, as any missed shots can leave them vulnerable in exposed areas.

Despite his low fire rate, Diago makes up for it with a Proximity Mine that can catch enemies off guard and the ability to expose nearby enemies for a brief time. Utilizing both of these abilities effectively can result in numerous kills and assists.

Tier A – Imara Vex

Imara Vex in Star Wars Hunters

Imara Vex is the standard Damage Hunter.

Imara Vex, the tutorial Hunter, allows you to quickly master her abilities. Her skills are simple and revolve around damaging enemies. With a Blaster Rifle in your possession, all it takes is pointing and shooting to secure kills.

In addition, Imara Vex possesses a grappling hook to evade difficult situations and possesses a collection of homing missiles to target adversaries. Moreover, her passive ability enables her to locate weakened enemies, solidifying her role as a versatile fighter in Star Wars: Hunters.

S Tier – Rieve & Aran Tal

Rieve in Star Wars Hunters

Rieve, an expert Dark Side Assassin, utilizes a lightsaber as her weapon of choice to vanquish adversaries in the game Star Wars: Hunters. Yet, she outshines J-3DI in two crucial areas.

To start, she possesses a dash attack that propels her forward, inflicting damage upon enemies. Additionally, pressing and holding her jump button will cause her to leap forward and cause harm upon landing. Furthermore, she is capable of throwing her lightsaber as a means of attack. This grants her increased maneuverability and chances to evade potential harm.

Because of her ability to deflect both projectiles and melee attacks, her exceptional speed and damage-dealing skills make her one of the top Damage characters in the game.

Aran Tal in Star Wars Hunters

Aran Tal is the latest character to join the roster.

Aran Tal is similar to Rieve in many ways, but stands out due to his use of ranged weapons. This gives him an advantage in overall safety. Although he lacks a passive ability like the Mandalorian vanguard, he can utilize his jetpack to swiftly evade danger or push enemies away.

Like Rieve, Aran Tal also has the ability to jump forward and inflict damage upon landing, allowing him to close the distance and utilize his powerful flamethrower or devastating Ultimate. The latter causes him to levitate and deliver a massive amount of damage, often catching opponents off guard.

This covers all the necessary information about the top Damage units in Star Wars: Hunters. Our guide will continue to be updated as new characters are introduced to the game.

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