Top Support Characters in Star Wars: Hunters – Tier List

Support may be the smallest class of characters in Star Wars: Hunters, but this does not imply that they have equal performance in matches. The following is a tier list of Support characters to assist you in selecting the most suitable one.

Star Wars: Hunters allows fans to experience an arena-shooter game featuring a variety of fresh characters, all categorized into distinct classes with unique abilities. This game is the most recent addition to the Star Wars Universe, offering players three Support characters to select from.

Therefore, the following tier list displays the Support characters in Star Wars: Hunters, highlighting their respective strengths and the optimal game modes for their abilities.

Support Tier List for Star Wars: Hunters

Currently in Star Wars: Hunters, there are only three available Supports to select from. Below is our tier list ranking them in order from highest to lowest performing.

Tier Character
S Score
A Zaina
B Sprocket

Top Support Characters in Star Wars: Hunters

In Star Wars: Hunters, the most effective Support character is Skora, closely followed by Zaina in second place. However, all Support characters have their own strengths and can be valuable in specific situations. To provide a better understanding, here is a breakdown of each Support character:


Sprocket in Star Wars: Hunters

Sprocket’s drones are what make him strong in fights.

At first glance, Sprocket may seem like a harmless Mon Calamari, but it would be a mistake to underestimate the strength of his drones in combat.

Sprocket excels at managing foes and supporting his team during combat, particularly with the use of his abilities such as Targeting Drone that exposes enemy whereabouts, and Medical Droid that restores his allies’ health.

Despite being the weakest Support in the game, he faces the same limitation. His drones heavily depend on the positioning of both enemies and allies, and his Ultimate ability, Ultra Turret, is prone to missing if enemies move out of the Targeting Drone’s sight.

Due to his heavy reliance on positioning, he would excel in game modes that require point control, such as Dynamic Control. In these modes, securing a large number of kills is not crucial and teammates can easily fall back to receive healing.


Zaina in Star Wars: Hunters

Zaina is a great Support for fast-paced situations.

Zaina is a skilled Rebel War Hero in Star Wars: Hunters, known for excelling in fast-paced environments. She is equipped with a powerful Blaster Pistol that is perfect for mid to long-range combat, and her quick Dodge Roll allows her to evade incoming fire while also resetting the Pistol’s heat.

Zaina’s skills as a combat medic allow her team to swiftly enter and exit battles with the utmost efficiency. When the team is under heavy attack, the Bacta Bomb is a valuable choice, and her Combat Medic Passive guarantees their survival.

Despite her strength as a Support pick in Star Wars: Hunters, Zaina’s versatility may limit her usefulness in Dynamic Control compared to modes like Squad Brawl. However, she is still a strong choice overall.


Skora in Star Wars: Hunters

Skora’s versatility is what makes him the strongest Support.

The current top Support character in Star Wars: Hunters is the Rodian Skora, largely due to his exceptional adaptability in nearly every scenario.

Adrenaline Boost enables him to quickly reach his teammates, enhancing his ability to assist anyone in a challenging circumstance. This is a distinct advantage that the other two Supports do not possess, as they heavily rely on the positioning of both allies and enemies.

His Unstable Cocktail Ultimate, combined with his Dart Gun, provides him with an advantage in situations where he needs to handle both allies and adversaries. Coupled with his Stim Shot that offers extra healing to teammates, he becomes an unstoppable force in any fight.

Make sure to have a good understanding of all maps and modes in order to select the most suitable characters for any given situation.

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