Tower of God: Season 2, Episode 1 – Bam’s Journey Continues as Ja Wangnan Joins the Adventure

The first episode of season 2 of Tower of God, titled “Last Chance,”was broadcasted on Sunday, June 7, 2024, at 11 pm JST. The latest installment delves into Bam’s determination to continue his journey up the Tower in search for answers, revealing his incredible survival skills. In the meantime, Princess Yuri remains confident in Bam’s survival and actively searches for him.

The new season introduces Ja Wangnan, a main character who is participating in the E-rank screening tests. During the tests, he crosses paths with Bam, leading to a chaotic encounter as Bam attacks all participants.

Tower of God: Wangnan and Bam’s Initial Encounter in Season 2 Starts on a Rocky Note

Tower of God Season 2 Episode 1: Opening Events

In episode 1 of Tower of God season 2, Rachel intentionally pushes Bam into the Shinsu lake. Despite this, Bam survives and regains consciousness in a cavern where he is rescued by Hwaryun. She reveals to Bam that he has a unique power, and is the key to unlocking the secrets of their world and potentially becoming the god of the tower.

Hwaryun introduces herself to Bam and welcomes him to the tower, offering him power. However, Bam rejects her and explains his reasons for climbing. As they continue forward, Hwaryun states that the end of the Tower is approaching. The narrative then switches to Jahad Palace, where Princess Yuri arrives with the Green April and inquires about her sister Repellista. In her absence, her other sister Maschenny appears and their brief conversation hints at the tension between them.

Upon meeting Repellista, Yuri is praised and reminded that Garam was the last person to have two of the 13-month series. Yuri then requests for Repellista’s help in finding Bam, stating that he is not one to easily perish. In exchange for her assistance, Repellista asks for something from Yuri. As Yuri leaves, Repellista begins her search and confidently predicts the imminent return of the Prince of Jahad.

Wangnan’s Introduction: E-rank Screenings Begin

The first episode of season 2 of Tower of God then transitions to the Tower’s 20th floor, where Ja Wangnan reveals that Regulars who have previously entered the Tower must undergo another round of testing. In order to continue their climb, they must successfully pass a challenging exam and obtain an E-rank.

Despite his determination to become the King of the Tower, Wangnan fails the E-rank screening exam after bumping into a young boy. Frustrated, he vents at home while bathing when his moneylender suddenly appears and demands repayment. Wangnan’s attempts to escape are unsuccessful, and the lender warns him that he is now under constant surveillance. In order to repay his debt, Wangnan agrees to sign a contract stating that his organs will be claimed if he fails to fulfill his promise.

The boy who had delivered ramen earlier receives his payment from the lender before departing. Wangnan strikes up a conversation with the boy, realizing they both share a similar predicament. As a gesture of kindness, the boy presents Wangnan with a celebratory coupon for when he successfully passes his test. With a strong determination, Wangnan pledges to one day open a ramen shop for the boy once he becomes king, as the story continues to revolve around the ring bearing the Jahad symbol.

Tower of God Season 2: Episode 1 – Wangnan Meets Bam at the Screening Test

Bam attacks Wangnan (Image via The Answer Studio)
Bam attacks Wangnan (Image via The Answer Studio)

In the first episode of Tower of God season 2, Wangnan embarks on a 30-minute survival exam as part of his test retake. He comes across Bam, who has emerged victorious against all other examinees. In order to avoid defeat, Wangnan suggests forming an alliance with Bam. Although Bam remains quiet and does not attack, he agrees to join forces with Wangnan. Additionally, Wangnan also enlists the help of three other examinees – a man, a child, and a woman.

When the final examinee arrives, he suggests removing the woman and child, referring to them as obstacles. Wangnan suggests turning their attention to him instead. Bam finally speaks up, stating that they will all fail and getting ready to fight. Tensions escalate as the last examinee points his weapon at Bam, who defends himself. With the exception of Wangnan, the three men engage in a heated confrontation.

Wangnan recognizes Bam as a wave controller and the woman also identifies him as a member of FUG, a group known for opposing Jahad’s rule. With no other options, the two men team up to attack Bam. However, Bam proves to be too powerful for them and emerges victorious.

Closing Events: Wangnan Confronts Bam

Bam vs. the group (Image via The Answer Studio)
Bam vs. the group (Image via The Answer Studio)

In the final moments of season 2 episode 1, with just half a minute remaining in the exam, Wangnan proposes evading Bam, but Bam manages to catch him. Wangnan exclaims, “I will make it to the top of the Tower,”causing Bam to recall memories from their past.

Following the suggestion of the last guy, Wangnan tosses another bomb towards Bam. Despite his injuries, Bam protects himself with a crimson, spine-like shield that also heals him. In retaliation, he launches an attack on Wangnan, but the timer runs out right before he can strike. The episode ends with all of them successfully passing the test, but Bam quickly moves on to the next stage, remembering to bring Khun and Rachel with him.

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