Tubbo Receives Twitch Ban Following DMCA Strike During Formula 1 IRL Stream

Despite claiming that he was invited to stream the Formula 1 Silverstone GP in person, Tubbo has been banned from Twitch while streaming.

The streamer has gained a significant reputation on Twitch throughout the years, accumulating more than 5 million followers on the platform owned by Amazon.

On July 7, 2024, Tubbo was live streaming from the Formula 1 British Grand Prix for more than two hours when his channel suddenly went offline.

The channel was taken down due to copyright issues and replaced with the message “Content from this channel has been removed at the request of the copyright holder.”

The streamer wasted no time in taking to Twitter/X to share his thoughts, confirming that his channel had been suspended due to a DMCA notification. However, he claims that he had obtained permission from F1 to stream the race.

He exclaimed, “I got permission, really?!”

Just prior to the ban, a fan posted on a social media platform claiming that they had reserved a section of the stands for Tubbo’s stream.

Fellow streamer Aimsey reached out to Tubbo in a tweet about the ban, to which he responded by stating that there is no definite timeframe for the ban – indicating that he is unsure of when he will be able to come back to the platform.

“I believe I may be in trouble, as the ban has no set duration,”he said.

As Tubbo claims to have been given permission to stream in real life at the race, he has the option of submitting a counter-notification on his dashboard. This may potentially result in the DMCA strike being overturned and his channel being reactivated.

The length of time it will take for the submission to be approved is uncertain, and there is no guarantee that it will be. If Tubbo’s ban from Twitch is lifted, we will provide an update in this article.

In 2024, there were multiple streamers who faced DMCA issues. One of them was Alinity, a Twitch streamer who received a DMCA strike and was subsequently banned from the platform in April. In order to regain access to her account, she had to attend “copyright school”.

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