TWICE Nayeon’s Criteria for an Ideal Partner: Idol Shares Desired Features and Qualities

During a recent interview, TWICE’s Nayeon publicly revealed her specific ideal type for the first time, generating a lot of curiosity from fans.

The female idol made an appearance on TWICE Sana’s special talk show, “Freeze Interview,”as a guest on the last episode, which was broadcasted on the official YouTube channel “117”on June 6.

On that day, the two colleagues showcased their strong bond and connection, engaging in easy conversation about a range of topics, including their dating experiences.

Previously, Nayeon was not very open about discussing the specific qualities of her preferred romantic partner. However, when Sana inquired about her ideal type, Nayeon was more forthcoming and began by describing both physical and personality traits.

When it comes to outer appearance or atmosphere, Nayeon’s preference is for someone with a gentle and soft demeanor, as opposed to those who radiate an air of arrogance or danger.

“Let’s talk about it one by one. I like someone who looks kind. Soft-looking? Gentle atmosphere? It doesn’t have to be the face. When talking about the ideal type, I don’t have specifics like (they must have) double eyelids. Nothing like that.”

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She proceeded:

“But I like someone with a good body figure. A good body figure has a wide range like being muscular, but not exactly that vibe. I want someone with a nice body line.”

As she dug deeper into her ideal type, Nayeon specified that she focuses more on a person’s personality rather than solely meeting her physical preferences. The TWICE member elaborated:

“If someone has a handsome face, that’s great. good body figure, nice body, that’s great. But if they have a bad personality or if their character is really bad then it’s unforgivable. As long as they don’t have a bad character, I think I can manage.”

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When Sana inquired about how long she could endure it, Nayeon explained that it was no longer important since their relationship had advanced to the point where she deeply loved and valued them.

Before wrapping up the perfect conversation, Nayeon subtly implied that encountering someone with broad shoulders for the first time could give her fluttering feelings in her stomach.

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At the same time, Nayeon is preparing for her highly-anticipated solo comeback after a gap of approximately 2 years since her last release, “POP!”Her second mini-album, “NA”(ME), includes the title track “ABCD.”

On June 14, she will resume her role as the “Summer Queen”and will also unveil other b-side tracks with collaborations from artists such as “Butterflies,””Heaven”(feat. Sam Kim), “Magic”(feat. KISS OF LIFE Julie), “Halli Galli”(prod. AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk), and “Count.”

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