Twitch streamer returns from ban dressed as Dr Disrespect

Twitch streamer StableRonaldo made a comeback after his suspension while dressed as Dr Disrespect, alluding to the accusations made against him for communicating with a minor.

On June 26, during a live stream, StableRonaldo received his fourth ban from Twitch for reckless driving, as reported by Dexerto.

Despite being banned, StableRonaldo issued an apology to his community and expressed uncertainty about his future. However, only three days later, he returned, not without causing more controversy.

On June 30, StableRonaldo began his stream dressed as Dr Disrespect, who has faced criticism for his past actions in 2017.

Dr Disrespect personally acknowledged that he had been sending inappropriate messages to a minor through Twitch Whispers. Upon being informed of this, Twitch took action and banned Dr Disrespect from their platform.

After four years, additional evidence surrounding the situation has been revealed to the public and YouTube has taken action to suspend Dr Disrespect’s membership revenue for the foreseeable future.

StableRonaldo made a playful jab at the situation surrounding Dr Disrespect by playing Kendrick Lamar’s diss track “Not Like Us,”where Kendrick refers to Drake as a pedophile. As the song played, StableRonaldo jokingly commented, “he’s done it.”

StableRonaldo’s cosplay of Dr Disrespect did not surprise viewers and those on X, as he has gained a reputation for “clip farming”in the community.

One commenter on X stated that Bro Ron could potentially be remembered as the greatest clip farmer in history.

Some also commended StableRonaldo for taking advantage of the situation, with some even going as far as calling FaZe Banks “brilliant”for adding him to FaZe Clan.

According to another source, Banks is known for being one of the most intelligent content creators in the industry, consistently garnering clicks throughout his career. He is truly a genius.

Despite StableRonaldo’s continued presence on Twitch, Dr Disrespect remains banned from the platform for messaging a minor. He has announced that he will be taking an “extended vacation”from the internet for the time being.

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