Twitch Streamer’s Lunch Stolen by Seagull in Venice Attack

A Twitch streamer, who had intended to have a peaceful lunch by the canals of Venice, was unexpectedly attacked by a “crazy”seagull.

Keth, an IRL streamer who is half Thai and half French and known as ‘justketh’ on Twitch, often shares her travels and adventures with her 77,600 followers.

Keth’s most recent adventure took him on his first visit to Italy in early July, accompanied by fellow content creator and Twitch streamer ‘Karii’. The duo traveled from Milan to Venice, famously referred to as the “city of bridges”.

Upon purchasing a ham salad roll and finding a spot by one of the city’s renowned canals to enjoy it, Keth was suddenly bombarded by a group of seagulls attempting to snatch a piece.

Initially unimpressed to find her food had become moist, Keth unsuspectingly raised the roll for her companion to see, remarking, “I suppose it’s not terrible.”

Just moments after, a seagull’s precise dive allowed it to snatch a mouthful of ham and accidentally knock over Keth’s camera.

As the streamer on Twitch let out a loud scream, she tried to shield her food while also adjusting her camera back to its original position. More seagulls soon arrived to join in on the meal. In the end, Keth gave up and relinquished the roll for the birds to enjoy.

It was only a matter of time before they devoured everything, which surprised Keth as curious residents came to check on her. After laughing it off, Keth reassured everyone that she was unharmed after the “malevolent”assault.

After the incident was shared on a Reddit thread, one viewer commented, “That’s some amazing fly-by accuracy.” Another person jokingly added that Keth “never had a chance” against the relentless scavengers.

“One person responded to Keth’s decision to eat something outside in Venice being called a “rookie mistake”by saying, “Seagulls are incredibly intelligent and have precise aim.”They then shared their own encounter of having food taken by these cunning birds.”

It is certain that Keth will be more cautious when eating her next meal in the well-known canal city.

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